Cancelled Orders and Other Airlines PT 2

There surprisingly more into infinite flight about this but don’t worry it’s short since I cover enough already last topic so here’s another one

All flights in solo

Air austral ordered 2 A380 then around 2012 there orders were cancelled since there were struggling at the time

Surprisingly an Aeroflot 737-900 doesn’t actually exists (trust me I looked in google but I can only find the 738) maybe they ordered it?

The El Al ordered the 78X (787-10) for there usual routes then later I heard they cancelled them for some reason atleast the 787-9 is what El Al has (by now)

This is how much I find information from so idk hope you like the photos…


Anyway you could still use those aircraft to on their routes on the different variant aircraft to fix realism or go to ordered routs

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On that aeroflot one: the should have leased some 737-900 around 2013-2014, but then something went wrong and it only got the 737-800


I don’t mind El Al getting the 789 instead; I think it looks better anyway. Also, the Aeroflot livery looks great on everything

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The new Aeroflot livery (I think) is basically one of the better new liveries
Also this

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Oh ok (10 character)

@ToasterStroodie and the el al 787-9 does better on each route with its range

How bout the Delta 788?

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Oh ok. (well since i rarely visit IFC these days)