[CANCELLED] Old McDonell Douglas Factory Flyout! [Let's Recreate a Live Airport No.4] @KLGB 142200ZDEC19

Alright, gotcha @anon42527263

Thank you!

Would Southwest VA like to sponsor this event?

I can give you guys the North Ramp all to yourselves.

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Let me speak with my Events Manager. One Sec

Wilco, await further instructions 😂

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Yeah, So you have an amazing event but I was informed that we were already sponsoring an event on the 14th as well out of Austin. I’ll still be attending this one though. I have a PHL and an AUS event before this one haha.

Would you like me to push the event back @anon42527263 ?

Let me go talk to my guy again, One sec.

Sign Up Today! Long Beach has a limited amount of gates!

Could I have this gate with callsign JBU330? Thank you!

Sure, got you down!

Could I change my destination to SJC? They fly this route irl.

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Sure, @BigBert10 will be proud

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I convinced him to switch XD

He didn’t know that JetBlue flies to SJC! XD

I’m proud alright! :D

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Yes, he convinced me. And I did’t know they flew to SJC 😂.

Like I said in the PM, JetBlue also flies to OAK, SJC, and SMF…not just SFO XD

They have Mint only at SFO though so that’s annoying but they service the nearby airports though

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Yeah, they are one of the only airlines that do that.

Ok, I’ll fly to OAK then. SJC sucks, just kidding I’l stay at SJC.

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SJC is better than OAK ;)
We recently passed OAK and became the second biggest airport in the Bay Area and the 4th largest airport in the state of California! :D

Ok, back to the LGB flyout XD

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