[CANCELLED] O'Hare Airport Fly Out 🇺🇸 @ KORD - 271730ZDEC17


Server: Training

Region: North America

Airport: KORD

Time: [1500Z] 9:00AM Central Time; 10:00PM Eastern Time; 7:00AM Pacific Time 3:00PM London Time

NOTAM: Follow all training server rules and instructions given by ATC.

Welcome to Chicago!

O’Hare airport one of the most busiest airport’s in the world and a important hub in the United States. This airport receives a massive amount of international and domestic traffic during the holiday season. Well known carries such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates have daily service to the airport. I feel like not many people fly to/from this airport in IF and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Event Rules

  • You can fly a real world route in a commercial aircraft or fly to anywhere in the world in a non commercial aircraft.
  • No pattern work allowed.
  • Cargo planes welcome.

Please try and maintain a professional atmosphere. Reply on this thread with the aircraft, livery, destination you want. I will check and confirm for you and if it is approved you will be sent with your gate number.

Also if there is a significant amount of requests, the event can be changed to the Expert Server!

Virtual Pilot’s Attending

@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF Chicago - Hong Kong [United Boeing 777-200ER]
@Lufthansa_Airlines Chicago - Frankfurt [Lufthansa Boeing 747-400]

Gate Assignments will be given 24 hours prior to event.


Event date has been changed to December 27, 2017 17:30 Zulu Time

By the way I decided to make a poll to see what timings would work for other people, if there is a good amount of votes I will change it to that time.

  • 17:30 Zulu
  • 18:00 Zulu
  • 11:00 Zulu
  • 15:30 Zulu

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May I ask why no cargo aircrafts?

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I changed it. Was originally going to keep it a passenger plane event because O’Hare doesn’t have many cargo planes service the airport and is more of a passenger hub. But it’s okay I guess since with the new update there is two more cargo planes now.

I want to participate

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NOTAM - Event is in 6 days, if anyone is interested post what route you want to do with the aircraft. Gate Assignments will be given 24 hours prior to event.

I’ll come. It’s awesome

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I will do O’HARE-LAX. Ill take a gate. I will fly 747-400 Lufthansa.

Thanks for the intent to join however, you can only do real life routes flying out of KORD. So if you want to use Lufthansa you could do KORD - EDDF. If that is fine with you can I sign you up for the event.

Sign me up!!! Thanks! I live in Ohio so I don’t get to see major airports!!! This is a treat for me!!

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