(Cancelled)Norwegian@EHAM 071600ZJAN18

  • Aircraft and Livery:737-800 Norwegian

  • Route: EHAM-EGLL.
    FPL: R1812-EH095-EH001-EH005-EH616-EH609-EH614-EGMC-BARNS-IVLAR-LLE11-L27RF-L27RT-RW27R-EGLL.
    Or when you spawn, just copy my FPL.

  • Time of Departure: 16.00 utc 7.1.2018

  • Server:Training Server

  • Additional Information: Please park near Runway 24

Oh sounds fun!
We need fix a few things: When you’re posting on here please follow this format. (I changed it and fixed it this time)

Have fun with your event!



  • Flight Title : The summary of your flight. Keep it short!
  • ICAO : The 4-letter airport code the flight’s significant location. (e.g. KDEN)
  • DD : Day of the month (e.g. 18th of June = 18)
  • HHMM : Time of your flight in Zulu time (e.g. 1pm CST (UTC -6) = 1900)
  • Z : Simply the letter ‘Z’ to indicate the time is in Zulu time
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  • YY : Last 2 digits of the year of your flight (e.g. 2015 = 15)
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This looks like a fun event but it has to be at most three hours away and it is almost 0600 Zulu

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If possible I would like to join

Sorry but this does not follow the categpry rules.

Group flights need to happen within 3 hours of being posted. This event according to the title does not happen until tomorrow at 1600Z which is currently still 31 hours away!

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Do I have to cancel this flight? I wrote it now because I don’t have time to write something till that event!

A mod will probably close the topic eventually.

I will try and be there


How can I change my Airline and Callsign?

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Count me in!

Go to the 3 lines where u exit the game. in the top right it should have your name and call sign click on that. then on the next page it brings u to. press the current call sign and then u can change it to any airline