[CANCELLED]North to South Pole (part 2)

Yesterday i started a flight from pole to pole and my game crashed. now i am restarting the flight from BGNO-NZIR. It’s going to take me about a day to complete. The Live Flight is on right now. I’m on Training Server.

I just took off


Still doing it? Can’t seem to find you.

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yes i am still doing it i’m just going to be in a dark spot for an hour or so.

ohhh ok, well I will just wait for a bit now.

Actually I found you


Map-Flight link here if anyone wants to track it.

That’s very impressive, can’t way to see how it turns out!
I think this also demonstrate the incredible range the Airbus A350 has.

Are you going to step climb to increase your range?

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No i actually forgot about step climbing until now😭😭

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Oh gosh 😭😭😭 better late than never

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yea i think i’ll just stay at my current alt FL350

my ipad is going to kill me. it died so the flight discontinued😭😭i’m going to restart the flight

Looks like a long flight!

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sorry guys i’m going to cancel this my ipad keeps dying

How long is that?

how long is what?

I meant, how many hours will it take to get completed?

oh it would have taken about 21 hours but my Ipad keeps dying so i’m going to start it again next week

Fantastic! Let me know when you are going to do that, sounds interesting.

Are you charging your iPad?

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yea but it’s pretty old and started the flight at 50% and forgot to plug in until i was at 10 so it died.

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