[CANCELLED, NO INTEREST] A Flight in Eastern Europe, Featuring the CRJ - @ UKBB - 120800ZAUG18

Unfortunately, this event is cancelled, due to virtually no interest. Everyone wants to fly in North America, but never East of London in Europe. My apologies for any inconvenience.


Server: Training

Airport: UKBB (Kiev Boryspil Airport, Ukraine)

Time: 0800Z August 12, 2018 4:00 PM

Hello, IFC! I haven’t hosted an event in a very long while, and I thought that I’d get back into it!

About this Event:

This event will consist of stops at several airports in Eastern Europe as we make our way up North.

Origin: (UKBB) Kiev Boryspil Airport, Kiev, Ukraine
(UMMS) Minsk National Airport, Minsk, Belarus
(EYVI) Vilnius International Airport, Vilnius, Lithuania
(EVRA) Riga International, Riga, Latvia
(EETN) Talinn Airport, Talinn, Estonia
Destination: (ULLI) Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg, Russia

Aircraft: Featured are the Belavia or UTair CRJ-200, but any aircraft from a Eastern European carrier, max size no larger than a 767 is fine as well.

If you join this event, it’s not required that you stay until the end. You can fly with us to only two or three airports if you like.

You can also join us later in our trip, I will publish status updates later during the event.

Gates at UKBB:
KBP-22: @SpeedPlayz CRJ2 Belavia

More gates will be added if required.

If you wish to join us later in the trip, the gate you spawn at is at your discretion.


ATC would also be nice, so we can have ATC at all stop points during our trip. We have space for each one of our stops, choose what works for you.

ATC Stations:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Join us!


Event starts in three days.


I would like to attend, but I will be on vacation.:((


Aw, 'tis a true shame!


Just bumping this up. :)

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Two days until departure!

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KBP-22 please. I’ll come in Belavia CRJ2.


Yay! I’ll put you on the list. Any questions?

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One day left to sign up!

We still have four slots left with the option to add more!

Unfortunately, I will have to cancel this event due to two days with virtually no interest. All these large VAs overshadow events held by a single person most of the time. Pilots never want to fly anywhere else but North America. Apologies.

The fact that it was a 6-stop journey may have turned some people away. I know you said it was optional to do the whole thing but sometimes pilots like the simplicity of just having 1 or 2 legs for the event.

You did nice job on presentation, especially with the banner.
I wish you luck with future events. :)

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Thanks! Maybe I’ll set one up later that is shorter, and more into Western Europe.

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