[Cancelled] My First Event! @ KORD - 191730ZAUG17

@NC777F Sure! See you there!

Callsign: HHGB Plane boeing 747-400 british airways livery

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@Harriso2110 You will not have to download any maps. It is all in the Chicago, IL region.

Is event still going? If so, I’ll be ATC at KPIA :)

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@Harriso2110 Ok sounds good

@CannedAviation Yes, it is. Do you want to do tower and ground?

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Yes, I’ll do both Tower and Ground.

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@CannedAviation Ok. Sounds good

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What time is it American Eastern Time?

@Maaz_A 1:00pm EDT I think.

Someones already out there flying 😂😂😂 it’s even the correct route

@Pilot999 😂😂😂 I hope they got the time right. Did you happen to see the callsign?

Yes and some weird name with half of it as ??? marks

@Xpheros Wait you’re in the tower already? The event starts in an hour.

@Pilot999 Hmmm… I don’t think it’s anyone part of the event.

Thank you for telling me!

Eh, did you look at your watch

@Maaz_A No problem! See you there!

@Xpheros Yes. It’s 1608Z right now.

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Callsign is NC777F. They are, I copied their flight plan and it was the one we’re using today. Edit: and they’re booked for a gate… 😂😂😂😂