[Cancelled] My First Event! @ KORD - 191730ZAUG17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Chicago

Airport: KORD

Time: 1730Z

Hey guys! This is my first event that I have ever done! We will be flying a flight from KORD to KPIA in the Chicago, IL region. The flight plan is shown below, or you can just copy my flight plan. My callsign is JVAZ423. You may use any aircraft with any livery. Gate assignments will be posted at the bottom. Please follow all ATC instruction. We will need ATC at KORD and KPIA, so if you would like to volunteer, please do. To apply for a gate, please include what aircraft, livery, and callsign you will be flying with. After I reply to you, check your gate assignment. We will start taxiing at 1740Z to make sure everyone is there. We will also all be taking off at KORD RWY 27L and will be landing at KPIA RWY 22. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks, and let’s enjoy flying! FLIGHTPLAN


Tower: @Xpheros
Ground: @Xpheros

Tower: @CannedAviation
Ground: @CannedAviation

Gate Assignments at KORD

B1: @jakevaz423 - Callsign JVAZ423
B10: @Pilot999 - Callsign N636RQ
B11: @Maaz_A - Callsign QF456
B12: @NC777F - Callsign NC777F
B14: @Harriso2110 - Callsign HHGB
B16: @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler - Callsign N2DV
B17: @pigdatflyz - Callsign American 1255
B18: @Misko_Mak - Callsign Koreanair 077


Just a tip, schedule your events in advance. You won’t get much people if you schedule it last minute.

I would like to be KORD Tower and Ground

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@RTG113 I would of, but I literally just got my member status. I will next time.

@Xpheros Ok. Thanks!

Just be cognizant of the fact that Chicago gives event attendees and groups fits which is a known issue. Aircraft may lose connection the the Server then reappear randomly and intermittently.

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@Levet Oh gosh. I was not aware of that. We’ll just see what happens I guess.

How can I join
Is it for free I’m mean u bought the game do. I have to pay anything more

@Ben_350 You will have to get a Live or Live+ membership to play online. A Live membership is $4.99 per month and a Live+ membership is $49.99 per year.

I’ll come… Reserve a gate Please!

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@Pilot999 Sure! What will your callsign be? Also what plane and livery will you be flying?

I’m new to infinite flight live. Can I sign up here in the replies? If so, May I fly a Qantas 787-9?

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@Maaz_A Sure! What will your callsign be?

QF456 if that’s fine

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Delta b787-8 and callsign is N636RQ

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@Maaz_A Ok. See you there!

@Pilot999 Ok sounds good!

Can i join callsign NC777F, Plane: 777 Emirates

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What maps do i have to download to gert KORD and the other one?

See in an hour! Just need to do something. Btw Zulu 17:00 is 18:00 British time