[Cancelled] Mountain Flying with the Community! @ KASE - 091700ZNOV19

@TRDubh Can I have a gate ?

I’ll take hanger 12 in a E170 to Seattle departure slot

Hey Everyone,

I’m currently at school right now but all of you can have what you currently want and I’ll update it soon. Thanks!

No problem

Hi, as the hangers are currently for spectators, I will assign you gate 5 if you’re flying commercial, or south parking 6 if you are flying a private flight. I will mark you for gate 5 for now, advise me if you will be flying private.

Hi @Kuan_H 👋

Thank you for showing interest in this event. To provide you with the best experience. Could you please give me an aircraft (no larger than 757 or A321) and departure time?

Thank you, if you can the A320 is ok

could i please get a gate and also departure time?

@TRDubh I will send you more information in 8 hours later
Thank you very much.

Okay, Thanks for signing-up!

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@TRDubh Hello👋 I will take the Terminal Gate 8 , and departure time is 8pm of Madrid

All set! Thanks for joining us. I’ve given you 18:14Z and please be sure to use a regular commercial aircraft with either a SkyWest, American (Eagle), United (Express), or Delta (Connection) plane smaller than an A321 or 757.


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Ok 👌 thank you very much

Could I get a 1800Z slot?
Gate 1
I’ll be doing a turn from SLC in a Skywest CR7

Roger, would you be available at 18:20Z?

I should be,
I’m flying in from SLC, and I’ll have a 20-30 minute turnaround

Ok, I’ll give you the following slots:

Arrival: 18:20Z 2019-11-09T19:20:00Z

Departure: 18:46Z 2019-11-09T19:46:00Z

You also have Gate 1 from 1800Z to 1900Z

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@TRDubh Hello👋Can you tell me my destination ?Or I can choose my destination ?

It’s up to you, but please chose a destination that is served by these airlines from Aspen.

Ok thank you