[Cancelled] Mountain Flying with the Community! @ KASE - 091700ZNOV19

Training Server :)

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Is there a specific Airline?

I think @JoshFly8 would love this.

No, but I’d prefer an airline that actually flies here. @Luca_Lobato

Funny, because I’d love to have him!

I just landed here the first time and it’s one of the most interesting approaches I’ve done.

I’ll take a 1800z arrival.

AA CRJ7, coming from KLAX, expect landing around 1800z

I’ll park at the gate and depart at 1900z bound to KLAX

I’ll be departure and approach please and thank you!

I’m sorry, you can’t do both at the same time, and approach needs a practical test. You can take departure or pm me about getting approach


Hello Everyone,

This event has officially been made earlier to de-conflict with a KORD flyout. The event will now end at 2000Z and ATC services will now begin at 1700Z.

We apologize for the Inconvenience

This is the event that we are working with to change the time.

Can i get approach controller

Of course, you will have to take a practical test just to make sure you won’t be overwhelmed by the challenging circumstances.

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Sure lemme know when and where

I’ll PM you

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Wow great looking event. Its so nice to see some of the smaller airports getting some flights in.

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Thank you!

This event has been cancelled

Hi everyone, I am sorry to announce that this flyout has been cancelled, I will be in contact with the people who signed up but this event will no longer be taking place.

Is this event cancelled?

Yes, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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No problem , see you next time 😉

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