[Cancelled] Mountain Flying with the Community! @ KASE - 091700ZNOV19

This event has been cancelled, we are sorry for the inconvenience

Opening Statement

G’day IFC! Today I would like to announce that I will be hosting the Aspen Airport Community Event! This event will take place on Saturday, November 9th and there will be designated parking spots and also slots to help ease traffic.There will also be designated parking spots for spectators




Runways in Use: Departing Runway 33, Landing Runway 15.

Spectator Rules: Spectators, you will have your own spaces for viewing that will be your own for the duration of the event.

Caution Terrain

If you choose to go around, please climb/maintain 12,000 and contact departure who will pass you off to approach.

If your parking spot is taken, hold on the de-ice pad and PM me, I will work it out from there.


ATC Controllers

Ground 121.90 @Menthesuphisth
Tower 118.85 @TRDubh
Departure 123.80 @ThomasThePro
Approach 123.80 (Available)

Standby ATC (Available) (Available)

Runway Slots

Time Aircraft User
20:00Z (Available) (Available)
20:02Z (Available) (Available)
20:04Z (Available) (Available)
20:06Z (Available) (Available)
20:08Z (Available) (Available)
20:10Z (Available) (Available)
20:12Z (Available) (Available)
20:14Z (Available) (Available)
20:16Z (Available) (Available)
20:18Z (Available) (Available)
20:20Z (Available) (Available)
20:22Z (Available) (Available)
20:24Z (Available) (Available)
20:26Z (Available) (Available)
20:28Z (Available) (Available)
20:30Z (Available) (Available)
20:32Z (Available) (Available)
20:34Z (Available) (Available)
20:36Z (Available) (Available)
20:38Z (Available) (Available)
20:40Z (Available) (Available)
20:42Z (Available) (Available)
20:44Z (Available) (Available)
20:46Z (Available) (Available)
20:48Z (Available) (Available)
20:50Z (Available) (Available)
20:52Z (Available) (Available)
20:54Z (Available) (Available)
20:56Z (Available) (Available)
20:58Z (Available) (Available)
21:00Z (Available) (Available)
Time Aircraft User
18:00Z (Available) (Available)
18:02Z (Available) (Available)
18:04Z TBM-930 @infiniteflight_schoo
18:06Z E170 @mitchell_janaj
18:08Z (Available) (Available)
18:10Z (Available) (Available)
18:12Z (Available) (Available)
18:14Z TBD @Kuan_H
18:16Z (Available) (Available)
18:18Z (Available) (Available)
18:20Z CRJ 7 @Jetcentric
18:22Z (Available) (Available)
18:24Z (Available) (Available)
18:26Z (Available) (Available)
18:28Z (Available) (Available)
18:30Z (Available) (Available)
18:32Z (Available) (Available)
18:34Z (Available) (Available)
18:36Z (Available) (Available)
18:38Z (Available) (Available)
18:40Z (Available) (Available)
18:42Z (Available) (Available)
18:44Z (Available) (Available)
18:46Z CRJ 7 @Jetcentric
18:48Z (Available) (Available)
18:50Z (Available) (Available)
18:52Z (Available) (Available)
18:54Z (Available) (Available)
18:56Z (Available) (Available)
18:58Z (Available) (Available)
Time Aircraft User
19:00Z (Available) (Available)
19:02Z (Available) (Available)
19:04Z (Available) (Available)
19:06Z (Available) (Available)
19:08Z (Available) (Available)
19:10Z (Available) (Available)
19:12Z (Available) (Available)
19:14Z (Available) (Available)
19:16Z (Available) (Available)
19:18Z (Available) (Available)
19:20Z (Available) (Available)
19:22Z (Available) (Available)
19:24Z (Available) (Available)
19:26Z (Available) (Available)
19:28Z (Available) (Available)
19:30Z (Available) (Available)
19:32Z (Available) (Available)
19:34Z (Available) (Available)
19:36Z (Available) (Available)
19:38Z (Available) (Available)
19:40Z (Available) (Available)
19:42Z (Available) (Available)
19:44Z (Available) (Available)
19:46Z (Available) (Available)
19:48Z (Available) (Available)
19:50Z (Available) (Available)
19:52Z (Available) (Available)
19:54Z (Available) (Available)
19:56Z (Available) (Available)
19:58Z TBM-930 @rockpapernuke


Parking 1700-1800Z

Commercial Gates

Gate Duration User
1 2000-2100Z (Available)
2 2000-2100Z (Available)
3 2000-2100Z (Available)
4 2000-2100Z (Available)
5 2000-2100Z (Available)
6 2000-2100Z (Available)
7 2000-2100Z (Available)
8 2000-2100Z (Available)

General Aviation Parking

Parking Spot Duration User
South Parking 1 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 2 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 3 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 4 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 5 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 6 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 7 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 8 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 9 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 10 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 11 2000-2100Z (Available)
South Parking 12 2000-2100Z (Available)
Parking 1800-1900Z

Commercial Gates

Gate Duration User
1 1800-1900Z @Jetcentric
2 1800-1900Z (Available)
3 1800-1900Z (Available)
4 1800-1900Z (Available)
5 1800-1900Z @mitchell_janaj
6 1800-1900Z (Available)
7 1800-1900Z (Available)
8 1800-1900Z @Kuan_H

General Aviation Parking

Parking Spot Duration User
South Parking 1 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 2 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 3 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 4 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 5 1800-1900Z @infiniteflight_schoo
South Parking 6 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 7 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 8 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 9 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 10 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 11 1800-1900Z (Available)
South Parking 12 1800-1900Z (Available)
Parking 1900-2000Z

Commercial Gates

Gate Duration User
1 1900-2000Z (Available)
2 1900-2000Z (Available)
3 1900-2000Z (Available)
4 1900-2000Z (Available)
5 1900-2000Z (Available)
6 1900-2000Z (Available)
7 1900-2000Z (Available)
8 1900-2000Z (Available)

General Aviation Parking

Parking Spot Duration User
South Parking 1 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 2 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 3 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 4 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 5 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 6 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 7 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 8 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 9 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 10 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 11 1900-2000Z (Available)
South Parking 12 1900-2000Z (Available)
Spectator Locations
(Location) (Duration) (Pilot)
Hanger N1 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N2 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N3 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N4 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N5 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N6 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N7 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N8 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N9 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N10 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N11 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N12 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N13 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N14 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N15 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N16 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N17 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N18 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N19 Full-Event (Available)
Hanger N20 Full-Event (Available)

Closing Remarks

Thank you for reading this! I would absolutely love for you to come around during the day to come say hi, and get some great photos! When you sign-up, please put what you want (Time, Gate, etc,) and also list your intentions (Landing or Take-off,) Please also write your aircraft type and destination! There will be various PM groups depending on what you have signed up for!

Thanks All,


I’d also like to point out that you may request a slot where you arrive, and then depart a minimum of 15 minutes later.

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i’ll take 2100z, south parking 1

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Roger That, Could you please provide a bit more information? I’m gonna need a slot time, with an aircraft time and could you please tell me if you’ll need a departure or landing slot. Thank You for showing interest!

departure slot at 2100, parking slot from 2000-2100. aircraft is TBM-930

@TRDubh What service

Roger, I’ll assign you 20:48Z, please spawn in by 20:30Z! Thank You!

Could you please elaborate on what you mean?

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TS or ES .

TS, Just so I can have ATC

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Sorry, cant come. Mabey next time.

No worries! Thank you for stopping by!

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Would anyone else like to join? Only 4% of the people who viewed this replied.

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Please sign me in! I will take one of the 1800Z gates with the TBM to KEGE

Is there a specific departure time that you want?

Yes, as early as possible

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All set! Thank you for joining us!

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Does anyone else want to join? We have a lot of slots and parking available!

I can take ground ATC, if you wanna :-)!?

When is it in central time? If so I’ll take