[Cancelled] Monday Night Delta Connection Flight! @ KDTW - 080315ZJAN18

This is not associated with Delta Virtual!!

Server: Training

Region: United States of America

Airport: KDTW

Time: 0215Z

Aircraft: Embraer E170


  • Please Spawn in 15 minutes before taking off.

  • Our Flight will be Delta Flight 5586, so when spawning in please use Delta 5586 Flight of however many are attending.

  • Please do not pass me during Cruising Altitude, since I am the leader, I need to actually be leading the event.

  • Our Cruising Altitude is going to be 30,500 Ft and our Cruising Speed will be Mach 0.81.*

Gate Information

Gate B05: @AllegiantAir
Gate B06: @Anthony_Vo
Gate B07: @
Gate B08: @
Gate B09: @
Gate B10: @

(More gates will be added if needed)

Flight Plan

FPL is Below👇🏻


Copy and Paste the FPL Above👆🏻!

What is Delta Connection you might ask?!

Delta Connection is a regional airline brand name for Delta Air Lines, under which a number of individually owned regional airlines operate short- and medium-haul routes. Delta’s lone wholly owned regional airline, Endeavor Air, also resides under the Delta Connection banner. Mainline carriers often use regional airlines to operate services in order to increase frequency, serve routes that would not sustain larger aircraft, or for other competitive reasons.

I hope to see this new idea of mine takeoff and become very popular in the Community! Hope to see you there!


I flew on their E175Ls recently and was very impressed with the Delta service. Hope this event is a success :D

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Thank you @SkyHighGuys and I might also be flying on one of there E175’s this summer, as I am going to D.C this summer!

Spawn in 30 minutes!

Hope to see some people join!

can I join? ill be able to come

Yep I will add you!!

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I can open ATC if you’d like

Okay, make sure to open up ATC at approximately 0200Z

You mean 0300Z? It’s currently 0245Z.

Just did, thanks for helping

I can do Tower and Ground if you need me to.
EDIT: Just realized ATC already filled.

Actually @anon31652286 is lol do you want a gate instead? If not you can do ATC at KIAD

I think I can do ATC there. What time should I open?

is there currently 2 people flying? lol so i can get my callsign ready.

Hmm the flight is about an hour so… maybe 0415Z?

So far there is only you and me, but if no one else joins I might just move it back or just fly with you.

I most likely will be able to but something may arise. I will let you know in ten or so minutes.

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Ok sure, no problem.

I don’t think I’ll be available during the flight, sorry.

To do ATC? Or won’t be available for the actual flight?