[Cancelled] LuxAero Group - VA Competition @EGLL - 301800ZJUL16


[U]**VA Competition**[/U]

[LuxAero Group Virtual Airline is holding a VA Competition July 30th! This event is open to any
Virtual Airline that would like to participate. Below you will find all the information you need to know about this event.] ()

[U]**General Information**[/U]

Date: July 30, 2016
Time: 1800Z
Server: Advanved
Aircraft: VA Chooses One Aircraft
Ratings: Takeoffs, Cruising, Landings, Overall
Route: EGLL -> EGBB

[Each VA participating in this competition must provide one judge that will not be participating and will rate each of their Virtual Airline pilots performances fairly. These judges will fly in F-22s to stay in view of their VA during the cruising ratings. During takeoff and landing ratings these judges will be using the ATC Tower View to rate these sections of the competition. All judges PM me when as soon as possible!] ()

Flight Plan:

[If you have anyone questions please consult me or @AlexNo] ()

Also make sure to check out our official website at http://luxaero.weebly.com

- @Blizzard (Chief Operating Officer)

Participating VAs (Airplanes & Judges):
LuxAero Group: (Information Not Specified)
Alaska Virtual: (Boeing 737-900 Judge Not Specified)


@AlaskaVirtual ??

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Looking forward to seeing many VAs there!

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We will be participating in this. I think it would be beneficial for us and fun for our pilots. We will be using our Boeing 737-900. See you on the 30th!

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Great, see you there!

Fantastic! Gonna fly Alaska soon for the first time by the way :)

You’ll have a fantastic experience with them!

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Where are you flying from and to?

Seattle - Fort Lauderdale

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