[ CANCELLED ] Lets fill up Glasgow Airport! @EGPF 281900ZJUL19


This will be My First Event ever. I hope all you guys can turn up and make this a special one.

Why Glasgow?

Glasgow is the nearest International Airport to me. Glasgow operates planes from as small as the Twin Otter to The Mighty A380 and flys to loads of Destinations.


Airline That Operate Out Of Glasgow

British Airways
Iceland Air
Aer Lingus
Thomas Cook


Please Use Unicom Appropriately.

Comment Below What Airline you are flying to and you will be assigned for a gate

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Name
12 B757 Icelandair Keflavik @Armani_B
13 A320 Aer Lingus Dublin @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
14 B757 Delta JFK @anon45500775
15 A320 easyJet Gatwick @Tobyc
16 B737 KLM Amsterdam @Springbok777
17 A319 easyJet Luton @Kian_Abbasi
18 A320 easyJet Paris @Harry_Smithen
09 B737 RyanAir Dublin @AviatorJack

More Details Will be announced at a later

This will be on The best fitting server for everyone taking part


What server is it

It can be Any!

Ok I’m on vacation on that day umm I’ll keep it mind 👍🏽

Ah, Ok, Hope you could come

Ok sign me up if I can’t go is that fine

If so I’ll take Iceland Air B757 To Reykjavík please on Expert server

Sure! That’s fine

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Ok thank you very much

Mind following the rules about setting up a #live:events topic? Glasgow is a great neighbouring airport I’d like to take part but it’s good to spend some more time creating an event.

Firstly, set up a list of the gates. You may create a hidden detail and list the gates here. Or set up a table if you are able to. This is really important. Use this topic to help you on editing. 👇

It would be much easier to create a destination list to where they should fly to. This is where Flightradar24.com becomes handy.

This topic will also help you understand what I really mean. It’s simple and was my first event. A choice is more important. 🙂

Anyways @Ryan_1872 add me a gate to Dublin with Aer Lingus A320. I’ll see you soon mate. 👍

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See you soon and will do. I don’t have a clue how to do the Table

I will DM you soon on more information about doing that. First take a look on the topic linked above. :)

I tried to do it there, Didn’t work.

@Ryan_1872 ima do egpf-egkk (EZY320) :)

Can I have a flight to JFK Delta 757

Its Aer Lingus not Air.

Ah thank you just noticed my mistake

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No problem Toby 👍🏻

Yeah sure you can

Can i get a gate for a 737 to Amsterdam flying KLM please?