[CANCELLED] Let's Fill KCLE! @ KCLE - 051600ZAUG18

(Image From Cleveland Scene)

Server: Expert

Airport: KCLE

Time: 1600Z August 5 [12:00PM EDT, 9:00AM PDT]

NOTAM: Let’s fill Cleveland Hopkins International Airport! Cleveland today, is regaining it’s major air traffic status with daily transcontinental flights, Mexican flights, and transatlantic flights! Cleveland has had it’s ups and downs in the past, but on August 5th let’s show our love for the great city of Cleveland! Join the IFC as they fill up Cleveland!

A Gates

A1 (KPIE, Allegiant A320): @Kevinsoto1502 (AAY913)
A2 (KPGD, Allegiant A320):
A3 (KVPS, Allegiant A320):
A4 (KSFB, Allegiant A320):
A5 (KSAV, Allegiant A320): @IanD (Allegiant 1881)
A6 (KTPA, Frontier A320):
A7 (KDEN, Frontier A321):
A8 (KAUS, Frontier A319):
A9 (KMCO, Frontier A320):
A10 (KRSW, Frontier A321):
A11 (MMUN, Frontier A321):
A12 (KLAS, Frontier A321): @Patrick_Gallagher (N523PMG)
A14 (BIKF, Iceland Air 757): @PeterCLE (Icelandair 836)

B Gates

B2 (KATL, Delta 717):
B3 (KMDW, Southwest 737-700):
B4 (KMSP, Delta A319):
B5 (KSTL, Southwest 737-700):
B6 (KJFK, Delta CRJ-900):
B7 (KLAS, Southwest 737-800):
B8 (KDTW, Delta CRJ-900): @TacitMoose (Delta 996)
B9 (KBNA, Southwest 737-700):
B10 (KLGA, Delta CRJ-900):
B11 (KBWI, Southwest 737-700): @Plane-Train-TV (Southwest 1719)

C Gates

C1 (KCLT, American A320):
C2 (BIKF, Wow Airlines A320):
C3 (KDFW, American A320):
C4 (KBOS, JetBlue E190): @Aceorbit (B61840)
C5 (KJFK, American CRJ-700):
C6 (KFLL, JetBlue A320):
C7 (KDCA, American CRJ-700):
C8 (KORD, Frontier A320):
C9 (KORD, American CRJ-700):
C10 (KMSP, Frontier A319):
C11 (KMIA, American CRJ-900):
C14 (KPHL, American CRJ-900):
C15 (KPDX, Frontier A321):
C16 (KPHX, Frontier A321):
C17 (KSEA, Frontier A321):
C18 (KIAD, United 737-800):
C19 (KSFO, United 737-900):
C20 (CYYZ, Air Canada CRJ-900): @Sebastian9915 (ACVA243)
C21 (KMCO, United 737-900):
C22 (KLAX, United 737-900): @A320fan (United 17 38)
C23 (KIAH, United 737-800):
C24 (KDEN, United 737-800):
C25 (KORD, United 737-800):
C26 (KATL, Southwest 737-700): @MrMrMan (SWA428)
C27 (KPHX, Southwest 737-800):

D Gates

D2 (KFLL, Spirit A321):
D4 (KDFW, Spirit A321):
D6 (KLAX, Spirit A321):
D8 (KEWR, United CRJ-700):
D9 (KLGA, United CRJ-700):
D10 (KDCA, United CRJ-700)
D12 (KSLC, Delta A319):
D14 (KRDU, Delta CRJ-700):
D17a (KBOS, United CRJ-700):
D17c (KDEN, Southwest 737-800):
D28f (KMSY, Spirit A321):
D28d (KMCO, Spirit A321):
D28c (KLAS, Spirit A321): @VAnuj (NKS05)

This event is on expert server, so it is most likely that we will not have ATC coverage. In this event we will be using Unicom as well as a step by step procedure on how the pushing back will work. This procedure will be released closer to the event as well as the runways we’ll be using.

Plan to Spawn in 10-15 minutes prior to the time the event starts.

If you have requested a gate and are no longer able to attend please let me know as soon as possible so that I can open your gate. If you have any further questions regarding the event please let me know! I can’t wait!

Please request a gate with your call sign you’ll be using.

In the case of the event having ATC coverage, you will of course obey the ATC controls

Here is a link to a airport map for you to use. _ https://travelwidget.com/Cleveland-Hopkins-International-CLE-airport-terminal-map_emphasized text


I’ll take gate B11! I’ll be Southwest 1719 to Baltimore

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I’ll takw Gate C26 to KATL operating as SWA428 for SVWA.

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Assuming I can do it, which I believe I can. If I can’t, I’ll let you know.

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Ill take gate C4 out to KBOS as B61840 in a Jet Blue E190

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You know I’ll be there! Glad to see my home airport getting some recognition! I’ll take the Icelandair flight to BIKF at gate A14!


What would you like your call sign to be?

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Icelandair 836 please! That is the real world callsign.

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Gate A1 please with nonstop service from Cleavland-St. Petersburg/Clearwater! Operating as the real worl AAY913

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I’d like to have gate C20, thanks

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Still many spots available! JOIN NOW!

1 transatlantic flight left, JOIN NOW!

Gate A5, KCLE-KSAV, Allegiant 1881

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Got ya! Thank you so much for joining!!

B4 to MSP please with the A319!

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What would you like your call sign to be?

NKS05, D28C, excited to come!

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Ill take Gate B2,

Delta 996

KCLE-KDTW CRJ700 Delta Livery

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I’ll take c22- United 17 38

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Event is Cancelled! Due to lack of interest. My apologies to everybody who had signed up to attend.