(CANCELLED!) Let’s Fill the Metroplex! @KDFW 031730ZMAR19

Hello everyone! Cam here with my first ever event! This will be a Fill the Airport event at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

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Dallas-Fort Worth is the main hub for American Airlines, their headquarters are located only a few miles away in downtown Fort Worth. 69 million passengers came through this airport last year, making it the 12th busiest in the world! That number is also a KDFW record. During the event, the time frame will be 11:30 CST to 12:30 CST. Every flight that departs or arrives during this time is eligible to be flown. I really hope to come join this event! Get a gate before it’s too late!

Event Details

Server : Expert

Airport : KDFW

Time : 2019-03-03T16:30:00Z


- Please be professional

- Departing runways are 17R and 18L or 36R, 35L

- Arriving runways are 17L, 17C, 18R, and 13R or 36L, 35C, 35R

- Listen to ATC instructions (if IFATC is present)

- Please use SIDs and STARs

*- Obviously American doesn’t operate 717s but it is a replacement for the MD80s. If an airline operates an aircraft, but their livery isn’t in IF, just use the generic plane.

At Dallas-Fort Worth there are 5 passenger terminals, A-E.

Terminal A

American Airlines

Terminal B

American Eagle

Terminal C

American Airlines

Terminal D

American Airlines
British Airways
Japan Airines
Korean Airlines
Qatar Airways
Sun Country Airlines

Terminal E

Air Canada
Alaska Airlines
American Eagle
Delta Air Lines
Frontier Airlines
Spirit Airlines
United Airlines

Commercial Gates

Terminal A

A6 KDFW-KLAX American A321

A9 KLAX-KDFW American A321

A11 KDFW-KMSP American 737-800

A14 KDFW-KSLC American 737-800

A17 KDFW-MKJS American 737-800

A18 Departure: KDFW-KORD American
Arrival: KLAX-KDFW American A321

A20 Departure: TJSJ-KDFW American
Arrival: KDFW-KJAC American A319

A28 KSFO-KDFW American A321

A29 KDFW-KPHX American A321

A39 KDFW-KLGA American A321

Terminal B

B3 Departure: KGRK-KDFW American
Arrival: KDFW-KSGF American CRJ-200

B5 Departure: KDFW-MMQT American E170
Arrival: KLRD-KDFW American CRJ-200

B6 KSHV-KDFW American E170

B9 KDFW-KGCK American CRJ-200

B11 KDAY-KDFW American E170

B12 Departure: KICT-KDFW American
Arrival: KDFW-KGSO American E170

B15 KAMA-KDFW American CRJ-900

B16 KDFW-MMLO American E170

B17 KLAW-KDFW American CRJ-200

B21 KDFW-MMAS American CRJ-200

B22 KDFW-KTYR American CRJ-200

B27 KMAF-KDFW American CRJ-900

B33 Departure: KDFW-MMTC American CRJ-200
Arrival: KAEX-KDFW American CRJ-200
B34 KIAH-KDFW American CRJ-900

B35 KHOU-KDFW American CRJ-900

B36 KDFW-KMOB American CRJ-900

B37 KDFW-KSWO American CRJ-200

B38 Departure: KGGG-KDFW American CRJ-200
Arrival: KDFW-KSGF American CRJ-200

B39 KDFW-KABI American CRJ-200

B41 KDFW-KJAN American CRJ-900

B42 KFSM-KDFW American CRJ-200

B47 KDFW-KSBA American CRJ-900

Terminal C

C4 Departure: KPHX-KDFW American A321
Arrival: KDFW-KTPA American 737-800

C6 KDFW-MMUN American A321

C8 KDFW-KSFO American A321

C14 KDFW-KGSP American 737-800

C16 KDFW-KCLT American A321 @Air3

C17 KDFW-MZBZ American 737-800

C19 KSAT-KDFW American 717-200

C20 KDFW-KCVG American 717-200

C22 Deprature: CYVR-KDFW American
Arrival: KDFW-KSMF American A321

C26 KTUL-KDFW American 717-200

C27 KTUS-KDFW American 737-800

C28 KSAN-KDFW American A321

C31 KMKE-KDFW American 717-200

C33 KAUS-KATL American 737-800

C39 KMIA-KDFW American 737-800

Terminal D

D10 KDFW-OMDB Emirates 777-300ER

D15 KDFW-RJAA Japan Air 787-9


D17 KDFW-KRNO American 737-800

D18 KDFW-MMGL American A319

D21 KJAC-KDFW American A319

D22 KDFW-MMCZ American 737-800

D29 KDFW-PHOG American 777-200ER

D34 KSLC-KDFW American 737-800

D37 Departure: MROC-KDFW American 737-800
Arrival: KDFW-KSJC American 737-800

D38 KDFW-MMPR American 737-800

D39/40 MMSD-KDFW American 737-800

Terminal E

E2 CYYZ-KDFW Air Canada E175

E4 KDFW-KDEN United CRJ-200

E7 KDFW-KIAH United CRJ-200 @BlueAcidball

E8 KDFW-KIAD United E175

E11 KSEA-KDFW Alaska 737-700

E13 KDFW-KSLC Delta 717-200

E16 KDFW-KDTW Delta E175

E36 KDFW-KSRQ American CRJ-700

E37 KDFW-KJLO American CRJ-700


Can I take departure and approach?

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Yes you may!

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Great thanks! I will be there!

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Glad to hear

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Great! Can’t wait to be there. Let’s hope we can fill DFW up!

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Me too! It’s slow to so far hopefully things speed up.

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And I would join your SFO event but I have things going on that day.

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Come on folks! We need pilots!

I would like to join

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Finally an event taking place at my home airport!

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By the way I’d like to join

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Gate E7 please!

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I got you!

I’ll sign you up but which gate?

Thank you so much!

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I live in Dallas if I sign up now I will probably forget I will probably sign up closer to the event

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Glad to hear!

Only a few days left, reserve your spots people!

C16 please

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