{CANCELLED} {Less than 16 attending} (Partnered with Avianca Virtual) The Metropolis In The South ~ São Paulo @ SBGR - 192000ZOCT19

Can I please get Gate 301 to Uberlandia (SBUL)? Thanks.

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I’ll take one to Buenos Aires in a aerolíneas argentinas 737

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@KGJT-9149 Your gate has been booked to Abu Dhabi. Enjoy your status as the first sign up! Thank you🎊🎊🎊

@Armani_B Silver medal to you to Orlando. Thank you.🎉🥈

@Maciek1 Bronze medal, Thank you👏🥉

@United_1154 Your flight to Washington DC is booked. Thank you

@Lucas_Piedra Navegentes, never heard of it but sounds like a fun place. Thank you

@Firelicious Uberlandia sounds like the land of Uber. Thank you

@Helicopterzzz Thank you. Buenos Aires sounds like a fun city. Flew there in IF when the scenery was crap. Need to fly there soon…


Can I have this? Callsign - TUIV003

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Thank you for joining us. I am thinking of making more Avianca Gates…

Now officially partnered with Avianca Virtual!!!


Connecting Latin America By The Skies

Avianca Virtual Group was founded by @Altaria55 on March 5, 2019. The entire VA was built from scratch from the ground up. With beautiful flights to fill your time, there’s nothing you won’t love. Join AVVA here!

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That would be great to have more Avianca gates. I’ll most likely join closer to the date once I know my schedule.

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~New Virgin Atlantic flight added starting in 2020

Can I take Terminal 3 gate 607 please

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Signed you up!

Nice! Sign me in, please. Latam A320, GRU-FOR, Gate 305 ;)

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Singed up!!

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Is it possible you could make a route to KSFO? If so then I will come.

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Two options:

  1. Make a connection with another city

  2. Private flight

If you do not like either one I’ll just make a fake route for you

I think a fake route will be best for me, thanks!

I guess if you don’t like either options… 😖I’ll make an exception

Aircraft: ???
Airline: ???

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United 777

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Ok your booked

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Many more flights from São Paulo such as Araçatuba, Dourados, and more with GOL and Cuiaba and Maringá with LATAM are now added in

Just a heads up there is a very real possibility I won’t make this event as I might have a state finals bike race. I’ll let you know as it gets closer though.

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