CANCELLED: Lands End To John 'O' Groats Challenge @ EGHC - 101900ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: United Kingdom

Airport: EGHC

Time: 1900Z

Aircraft: Lockheed Martin F-22

NOTAM: This will be a race, from Lands End (EGHC) in Cornwall, to Wick (EGPC), in northern Scotland, more than 585 miles away.

The winner will be the first person to reach the parking apron at Wick. How you attempt this challenge is up to you. You create your own strategy. Going at full power the entire way means you will run out of fuel before the finishing line and you will be forced to glide the rest of the way. Using a lower power setting will make your fuel last longer, which will make for easier landings and faster taxi speeds (remember, the finishing line is the apron, not the runway) but your speed in the air will be lower.

Other things to consider include optimum cruising altitude, whether or not to exchange ground speed for altitude once the fuel is exhausted, when to start the decent, what landing speed, which taxiways and runways to use etc.

There are some rules which all participants must abide by. Breaking any of the following rules will result in disqualification:

  • You must use the F-22 for this event.

  • All ground movements must be made on runways or taxiways. At least two wheels must be in contact with a runway or taxiway at all times.

  • You must not crash at any point during the race.

  • No false starts will be tolerated. One strike and you’re out.

No appeals will be accepted.

For this event, it is perfectly acceptable for more than one aircraft to occupy the same parking space, and for aircraft to taxi and takeoff through each other.

Make sure you have a flight plan, and are fuelled and ready to go by 1900Z on the 10th of February 2018.
I will start the race by giving takeoff clearance to a random person on Lands End Tower ATC, so make sure you are tuned in.

Please register your interest below.

I look forward to your participation.

Good luck!

Sounds like fun, wish I could attend.

Is the time an issue?

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If the time is unsuitable for too many people, or not enough people show interest, the event will be rescheduled.

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Looks intresting, look forward to seeing the pictures of this race. As it is a race can I suggest it is moved to the Casual Server rather than TS1 as that would be more suitable?

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The main reason for using TS1 is the ability to access atc, so i can announce the start of the race.

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I love race events nice idea

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Due to some unforseen circumstances I was unfortunately not able to run this race. I have therefore rescheduled it for 1900Z on Saturday 10th February.

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Friday the 9th, or Saturday the 10th?

Also, please update the title to reflect the new time.

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Okay then…

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