[CANCELLED] Landing Competition at Kai Tak! @ RCTP - 071700ZAPR18

Server: Training

Region: East Asia

Airport: RCTP

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Please come in an aircraft appropriate for the Kai Tak era (e.g. No A380, B787 etc.)

Event Details:
For this landing competition, we will takeoff from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (RCTP/TPE) and land in Kai Tak Airport (VHXX/HKG).
Takeoff RWY: TBD
Landing RWY: 13

FPL will be posted 2 hours prior to the start of the event.

Below is the IAP for RWY13 at Kai Tak.

Judging Criteria:
Initial Approach: 5%
Final Approach: 5%
Centreline Alignment: 10%
Smoothness: 7.5%
Touchdown Zone: 7.5%
Rollout: 5%
ATC Communications: 10%
Total: 50%

Since there will be 2 judges, the total points is going to be 100%, PM me if you want to be a judge.
Judge 1: @Beast_Assassin
Judge 2:


Ground: @Justin_Chan
Tower: @Justin_Chan


Ground: @Justin_Chan
Tower: @Justin_Chan

Terminal 1

Gate A1:
Gate A2:
Gate A3:
Gate A4:
Gate A5:
Gate A6:
Gate A7:
Gate A8:
Gate A9:
Gate B1:
Gate B2:
Gate B3:
Gate B4:
Gate B5:
Gate B6:
Gate B7:
Gate B8:
Gate B9:

Terminal 2

Gate C1:
Gate C2:
Gate C3:
Gate C4:
Gate C5:
Gate C6:
Gate C7:
Gate C8:
Gate C9:
Gate C10:
Gate D1:
Gate D2:
Gate D3:
Gate D4:
Gate D5:
Gate D6:
Gate D7:
Gate D8:
Gate D9:
Gate D10:

More gates will be added if necessary.
When requesting for a gate, please state the aircraft, livery and callsign you will be using for the event.

Thanks. Hope to see the best lading. Looking forward to all the applicants.

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