[Cancelled, Lack of interest] Let's make some music in Austin @ KAUS - 162000ZFEB19

Austin is the music capital of the world and my home, so let’s show it some love.
Server: Expert

Airport: KAUS

Time: 2019-03-09T20:00:00Z
Notams I’m using the new numbering system for Austin, you can find a map of it in their website.

Terminal 1

I Gate I Pilot I Airline/ Aircraft/Dest I
I 1 I @Captain_Tank I 789 BA to EGLL I
I 2 I I 744 BA to EGLL I
I 3 I I A333 Lufhtansa to EDDF I
I 4 I I 789 Norwigan to EGKKI
I 14 I I A333 SAS to ESSA I
I 15 I I 737 Southwest to KDAL I
I 16 I I 738 Southwest to KALT I
I 17 I I 737 Southwest to KLAS I
I 18 I @BadPlane I 738 Southwest to KLAX I
I 19 I I A321 American to KDFW I
I 20 I I 738 American to KLAX I
I 21 I I A320 American to KJFK I
I 22 I I 739 Delta to KALT I
I 23 I I A321 Jetblue to KMCO I
I 24 I I A320 Jetblue to KJFK I
I 25 I I A320 United to KSFO I
I 26 I I A321 Delta to KLAX I
I 27 I I 739 United to KIAH I
I 28 I I 738 Delta to KSEA I
I 29 I I 737 United to KLAX I
I 30 I I A321 Spirit to KDFW I
I 31 I I A320 Spirit to KLAS I
I 32 I I A321 Jetblue to KLAX I
I 33 I I A321 Air Canada to CYYZ I
I 34 I I 737 Aeromexico to Mexico City I

Remote(South Terminal)

I 1 I I Alaska 738 to KSEA I
I 2 I I Frontier A320 to KDEN I
I 3 I I Frontier A321 to KLAX I
I 4 I I Fronteir A320 to KJFK I
I 5 I I Alaska 739 to PANC I
I 6 I I Alaska A320 to KLAX I
I 7 I I Aligent A320 to KLAS I
I 8 I I Aligent A320 to KFLL I


Any, just show up



Corrected the title for you. Please be sure you use the format indicated in the guidelines in the future – thanks!


The ICAO for London-Gatwick is EGKK while the one for Stockholm is ESSA.

Best of luck with your event. :)

Thank you for the info

Can I please have a gate to London and aircraft is 787-9 ba

ok, yove been added @Captain_Tank

Time and server changed

sorry i can make that time anymore
i have to drop out