[CANCELLED LACK OF INTEREST] Edinburgh Fly-Out | Welcome to STN! @ EGPH - 241400ZNOV18

Edinburgh Fly-Out | Welcome to STN!

Event Description

Welcome to this event! On this day, we will fly out of Edinburgh enroute to London Stansted International.

Event Details

Server: Training [Subject to change]
Date, Time: November 24, 2018 2:00 PM Time is displayed in your time
Route: Edinburgh Intl. - - > London Stansted Intl.
Projected Flight Time: 1hour
Cruise Altitude: FL280
Aircraft: EasyJet A320

Gate Assignments

Main Terminal

Gate User
Gate 12 @Tnel
Gate 11 @marquise_carter
Gate 10 @SpeedPlayz
Gate 9
Gate 8
Gate 7
Gate 6
Gate 5
Gate 4
Gate 3
Gate 2
Gate 1




  1. Attendees must arrive at their gates at the event start time.
    2. Remain professional.
    3. Copy Flight Plan from SpeedPlayz.
    4. Have Fun!

Have Fun!


I’ll take gate 12 please!

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Hey I like to join please

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I take gate 11 please

do you want me to come 10 min before the event start

I am not in EZY VA but if you would like to have people on your event I may come. It’s pitty to cancel your event even if we are 3-4 people on it! Group flights are fun

Sorry, this event is cancelled. Also, this is not EZY VA.

I edited the post pls read

is not mine it’s someone else but i was just asking because it’s about to start in 30 min

If I join it it makes 4 planes, this can’t be very nice event if we are few ?

I can’t fly at this time anyway.

oh ok catch ya latter then

Pitty. But whatever if @marquise_carter and i want to fly it we’ll do it anyways :)

ok what’s in your information for infinite flight plane wise i can know your are in the game

Just come to the gate in Training server. Will be in an EasyJet A320 at Gate 10

OK i be there after my flight i’m doing right now

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