[CANCELLED] KORD to KLGA group flight 291035ZJUL19

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any Short haul American Airlines aircraft

  • Route: KORD to KLGA

  • Time of Departure: In about 10 mins.

  • Server: Expert server

  • Additional Information: ATC will be provided. Please copy my FPL. Flight time is about 1 to 2 hours.

People Attending: @Qantas094, @RyanR, @TRDubh, @Ecoops123

Thanks for coming!

I’m coming mate, just fix up the title.

I’ll be there

1035ZULU mate

Have you guys spawned in yet?

no, in a bout 3 mins.

I think we should park here.

yeah, sure!

Alright guys spawn now. If anyone wants any last minute changes tell me now please.

I‘m your controller at KORD. :)

That great mate!

Please always check ATIS before requesting pushback to a closed rwy

I’m sorry mate, its because of the waypoints.

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