[Cancelled] Joint Recruitment Event @ KLGA - 011700ZAPR17

Server: Training

Region: New York

Airport: KLGA

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Infinite Airways VA and Haggis Wings VA are going to be hosting a recruitment event! We will start off at KLGA, takeoff from runway 22, then fly north to KSWF for touch&goes then return back to KLGA. Anyone is welcome to attend, you don’t have to be a member of either VA!

All Infinite Airways members must use their Infinite Airways callsign. All Haggis Wings members must use their Haggis Wings callsign. You can come in any plane that is part of your fleet and is not bigger than the Boeing 767. If you are part of either VA you must use the “Generic” livery!

If you aren’t a part of either VA, you can come in any plane that isn’t bigger than the Boeing 767. You are encouraged to fly with us, and if you like what you see, sign up for one (or both!) of the virtual airlines.

After takeoff from LGA, climb to 10,100 feet. When you reach cruising altitude set your speed to 300 knots (air speed). Once you are 25nm from SWF, begin your descent. After touch and go from SWF, climb again to 10100 feet with the cruise speed of 300 knots air speed. Once you are 25nm from LGA, begin your descent.

Important; please do not push back until RTG113 (callsign N001IA) does as it makes time for screenshots!

Flight Plan:

It can be copied from RTG113 (callsign N001IA.)

Gate Assignments:

GATE 01: @RTG113 (President of Infinite Airways)
GATE 02: @Thomas_Ralph (CEO of Haggis Wings)
GATE 03: @Cpt.TC (Routes and Social Media Manager of Infinite Airways)
GATE 04: @Andrew2002
GATE 05: Open
GATE 06: Open
GATE 07: Open
GATE 08: Open
GATE 09: Open
GATE 10: Open


LGA ground: @rohaim_khedr
LGA tower: @rohaim_khedr
SWF approach: Open
SWF tower: Open
LGA approach: Open

Reply below for a gate assignment. More gates will be added if needed!

Some local times the event will be at:
USA EST: 1:00 PM
London GMT: 5:00 PM
USA PST: 10:00 AM

If anyone is breaking rules (purposely crashing, being a troll, etc.) please report them.

We hope to see you there. This will be a fun event!


RTG113 - President and Founder of Infinite Airways
Thomas_Ralph - CEO of Haggis Wings

P.S. Please do check out our virtual airlines!


Gimme gate 03! I’ll try my best to be there!

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I think your date is wrong, it’s the 18th today, haha

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Yes that would mean next Saturday is the 25th


I’ll probably come - COO of Haggis Wings VA

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i will try to be there as atc good?

It’s on the casual server, however if you wish I can make it the training server

Can you make this TS1?

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Ok it is now TS1

@rohaim_khedr you may be an ATC if you want

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Oke I will be there so don’t worry

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What frequency would you like to control at?


The date of the event has been changed to Saturday, April 1st. It will still be same time and same place! Hoping you all can still make it.

@Thomas_Ralph @ewanfleming @Cpt.TC

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Yes that’s fine I can still make it.


I think tower and ground and mayby after takeoff center


You’ve been added! Looking forward to seeing you there

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Oh sorry I can’t make it - I am on holiday!

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Thanks for letting us know, enjoy your trip!


Yeah, hopefully I will.
Enjoy the event everyone - it looks great [advertising off]

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I like to sign up for this event.


Sounds good! You are gate 04.

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