(Cancelled)JFK VAmeting point @KJFK - 132100ZJAN18

Server: *Training (might be changed to casual)

Region: New York Queens

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2100Z*

NOTAM:Please stay at your occupied gate and tell me your aircraft calling sign and destination thanks.*

Important: If your VA is not here please tell me and I will add you.

BAVA gates terminal 7
Gate 01 @Goran12 747-400 (KJFK-EGLL)
Gate 02
Gate 03
Gate 04
Gate 05
Gate 06
Gate 07
Gate 08
Gate 09
Gate 10
Gate 11
Gate 12

Tailwind flying club terminal 2
Gate C70
Gate C69
Gate C68
Gate C67 can’t Handel heavys no A380 777s 747s A330s A330
Gate S no heavys
Gate R no heavys
Gate O no heavys
Gate L no heavys
Gate N no heavys
Gate P no heavys
Gate C61
Gate C62
Gate C63
Gate E
Gate D
Gate C
Gate B
Gate J
Gate G
Gate F

Good looking event, but please change the title. Follow these rules

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Ahh I keep forgetting.

A. Everything having to do with VA’s should be seen by IFVARB.

B. There has already been a VA event at JFK (100+ Aircraft and it was crazy… Lots of Ghosts)

You should do these things and maybe go hold the event at PHNL or YSSY or something :)

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Oh I never knew sorry….

Will this be closed?

Want it to be???

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No I asked the VAs they said yes.

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No I asked the VAs they said yes…

Even though you have VA approval you still need to have this approved with the IFVARB themselves.


Oh ok let me tell them.

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which va are you doing this for

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Any you tell me yours and I’m going to add it.

which va is this run by though

Non I made this so it’s fun.

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