[Cancelled] Jet Airways tribute flight to Mumbai @VICG 041600ZMAY19

You can do Delhi to Mumbai, or Chennai to Mumbai

No this was the last flight so I want to do it but how.

Can you assign me stand R03

You can ask @AKSHAY_2777 to edit the airport for you. He’s great at it but I doubt it will release in time for your event so you can delay it or you can take off from VIDN (Dehradun), do a touch and go at VICG and make your way to Mumbai.

I’ll do ATC if you want

I am a airport editor myself but it won’t be updated by the time of this event

@Captainjs you are signed up @Elliott do you want approach?

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Yep that’s fine

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ATC is now full

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I checked and i don’t think that Chandigarh has any gates or stands to spawn. Only available position is take off

Yes I know going t have to figure something out.

I’d like to occupy a gate too
Mumbai to Dubai

This is a group flight you have to do a specific flight not a special flight.

I can take a gate

I signed you up. @AarkonTV

I am sorry. I will copy route from @Sashaz55. Add me if gates are available

Your signed up @vangeti_nikhil

What gate am I at?

My bad your at V28

Unfortunately I am going to switch this event back 2 hours. tell me if you can still attend.