[Cancelled] Jet Airways tribute flight to Mumbai @VICG 041600ZMAY19

Server: Training

Airport: VICG

Time 2019-05-04T14:00:00Z

Aircraft: Jet airways 737-900 please pawn 15 minutes before the event starts.


Stand K01: @Sashaz55
Stand K02: @Cloudrush
Stand K03: @Siddhansh
Stand K04: @Matthew_20204
Stand K05: @DhruvChopra
Stand K06: @CaptainSooraj
Stand R01: @Sriram
Stand R02: @AKSHAY_2777
Stand R03: @Captainjs
V 27 @vangeti_nikhil
V 28: @AarkonTV
V 29
V 30
V 31
V 32

Tower: @joshua_morrissette
Approach: @Elliott

More details will be provided.

Route: Copy from me!



Need a atc for the event I can do tower and ground?

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I would like a gate please. Also, can we do a Chandigarh-Mumbai flight which was the actual last flight of Jet?

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I need a gate

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I’ll take a gate

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Same here i take a gate

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@joshua_morrissette you are ATC.
@Cloudrush you are signed up I changed the route.
@Matthew_20204 you are signed up.
@DhruvChopra you are signed up.
@Siddhansh you are signed up.


i’d love a gate!

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I signed you up @CaptainSooraj


Bumping this.


Would like to attend the event. Please assign me a gate…

You’re signed up @Sriram

Assign me a gate.

You’re signed up. @AKSHAY_2777

This event is only 5 days away get your gates.

You do know that VICG Airport in IF is an unedited airport. There are no gates and stands. It will load you all on the runway.

The ICAO code for Mumbai is VABB not VICG

It’s to Mumbai it starts at VICG

VICG has no gates. It’s an unedited airport. See for yourself

I know I am working on what to do.