[Cancelled] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Journey Through New Zealand Vol.3 @NZCH 212200ZSEP19


Journey through New Zealand Vol. 3

About 10%20pm

Kai Ora! Welcome to the third leg of our “Journey through New Zealand Vol.2” event. Come fly with us as we continue to explore the vibrant country of New Zealand! This is an ongoing series of 7 legs. We’ve decided to take this off road and do some close-up formation flying featuring one of the newest aircraft to the IFGAC fleet, the X-Cub! So what are you waiting for? Join us as, we fly across diverse terrain, challenging approaches until we finally touch down in Wellington via a short touch n go competition at Omaka Airport.

During this event, we’ll begin our journey from Christchurch [NZCH], fly along the eastern coast, perform a touch n go at Omaka [NZOM] and finally land in Wellington Int. [NZWN]

Event Details 10%20pm

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - CubCrafters XCub [Any Livery]

Departing Airport - NZCH [Christchurch]

Departure Time - 2200Z 2019-09-21T22:00:00Z

Flight time - 1 hour 52 minutes

Arrival Airport - NZWN [Wellington]
Please note, this event will mainly be a scenic route as we fly across the east coast of New Zealand. We will be flying low and information as we perform a touch n go at Omaka Airport [NZOM], to finally land in Wellington.

Flight Details 44%20pm


Please note, this flight plan was made by Simbrief and may change further coming to the event.

Cruise Altitude: 5,000ft

Cruise Speed: 110kts KIAS

Maintain Please be professional and mindful of other aircraft near you as this is a formation flight

Departure Gates @NZCH

Please take note when reserving a gate that you must do the following

Parking Spot Preference:

Gate Callsign Pilot IFGAC
Club 01 VH-LY03 @Luke_L
Club 02 VH-HOSS @Chris_Hoss
Club 03 VH-RXA @QVG-Crunch
Club 04 VH-CHOC @Choccymilk
Club 05 PJ-WIA @FLY_BOII31
Club 06 9V-TWK @rockpapernuke
Club 07
Club 08
Club 09
Club 10
Club 11
Club 12
Club 13

More gates will be added if required

Infinite Flight General Aviation Club!

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i’ll take a gate please

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I’ll take a gate as well please

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ill take a gate

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Can i get a gate please

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  • Gate Club 03 is all yours

See you there!

Most certainly!

  • Gate Club 02 is all yours

See you there!

Will do!

  • Gate Club 04 is yours

See you there!

Yes sir!

  • Gate Club 05 is yours for the taking

See you there!

I’ll take any gate! Callsign will be 9V-TWK.

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  • Gate Club 06 is all yours!
    See you there!

Sorry I can’t be there this week, but looking forward to seeing the screenshots boys and girls!

All good! Hope to see you next week.

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1 Day Till the event!

15 minutes to departure. i’m definitely looking forward to this.

what a disappointment. i woke up early to attend this event but no one showed up, not even the leader himself! it’s already 2 minutes past departure time and i guess i’m just going to fly Dallas to San Francisco instead…

Hi @rockpapernuke,
I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but the event was supposed to be held yesterday as every other event in this series. Again I’m extremely sorry for the outcome, but we will be experiencing a similar event next week. I hope to see you there!
Again sorry for the inconvenience.


Held yesterday? The time clearly says today. I’m confused. Did you put the wrong time or something?

I know it was a mistake, it was approved last Sunday and I must of clicked a week from now accidentally to Saturday.