[CANCELLED] Infinite Flight Air Force Recruitment Event @ KNXP - 302100ZDEC17

Server: Casual

Region: The Region of Air

Airport: KNXP

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Please read the whole event description, when responding to the thread, please specify what group you want to be in.

Details: Our event is comprised of two groups, both groups will be in the F16s, F14s, F22s, and F18s. When I say go on this thread, it is a free for all on who get’s into the air. It is suggested that you have the thread open to see your teammates. There will be at least one tanker above circling KNXP, both teams are allowed to refuel without shooting each other. If you crash, leave the game, or a enemy fighters flies through you, you’re dead. Depending on how long it takes, we may have multiple rounds.

Group 1

ALPHA 01 (F16) - @Ishan_S
ALPHA 02 (F16) - @
ALPHA 03 (F16) - @
ALPHA 04 (F16) - @

BRAVO 01 (F14) - @
BRAVO 02 (F14) - @
BRAVO 03 (F14) - @
BRAVO 04 (F14) - @

CHARLIE 01 (F18) - @
CHARLIE 02 (F18) - @
CHARLIE 03 (F18) - @
CHARLIE 04 (F18) - @

DELTA 01 (F22) - @The_Geniusman
DELTA 02 (F22) - @TheCuriousPilot644
DELTA 03 (F22) - @
DELTA 04 (F22) - @

Group 2

ECHO 01 (F22) - @
ECHO 02 (F22) - @
ECHO 03 (F22) - @
ECHO 04 (F22) - @

FOXTROT 01 (F18) - @Mags885
FOXTROT 02 (F18) - @
FOXTROT 03 (F18) - @
FOXTROT 04 (F18) - @

GOLF 01 (F14) - @Cash_Hunte
GOLF 02 (F14) - @Worlds_of_Gaming
GOLF 03 (F14) - @
GOLF 04 (F14) - @

HOTEL 01 (F16) - @
HOTEL 02 (F16) - @
HOTEL 03 (F16) - @
HOTEL 04 (F16) - @

Join Us: Interested in joining IFAF? Please visit our website or our Main Thread. Please PM ACM @Mags885 for details

Thank you for reading this thread and we hope you will be joining us in the skies, or in our group soon.

Infinite Flight Air Force Vires in Unitatis - Strength in Unity.


Sign me up group 1 F-16 plz

I would like to sign up group 1 in an F-22

@Ishan_S Gate ALPHA 01 is all yours!

@The_Geniusman Gate DELTA 01 is yours!

Sorry for the late response, Happy Holidays!

Thank you and happy holidays:)

Gate please!


@Mags885 Foxtrot 01 is all yours!

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Sign me up F-14 please.

@Cash_Hunte GOLF 01 is all yours!

I will come so sign me up

@callum5124 CHARLIE01 is all yours!

ok just need to remember the timing now !!!

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Can I have group 1 Delta 02 please

@TheCuriousPilot644 all yours!

And by the way guys while your at it join IFAF it is great

I just joined and am now IFAF-102


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Sign me up F-14 group 1. Also, Could I maybe be a tanker one round?

I need you to be in Group 2. Gate GOLF 02 is all yours. Also the tanker is IFAF staff only.

Sorry guys i have IFATC training tonight will come next time

We still have lots of gates available, come and join in the fun and fly some faster, more “pointy” aircraft while trying to refuel!

Exactly 30 minutes until the event folks. Please spawn in 15 from now.