[Cancelled] IFSIM 50 Members Verbal ATC Session @ KPSP - 121900ZJUL16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Southern California

Airport: KPSP

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: @DS2001 @Padi3_14 @Aviationluver @Takyoff @Liftoff

Join the IFSIM Discord ATC Channel @ https://discord.gg/Rk3yHqq53

We will open up frequencies at KPSP and other frequencies in SoCal to celebrate 50 members on IFSIM :)

Hope to see you all there
Keith James, CEO of IFSIM


If your coming, please show up 5 minutes early.


Maybe joiningđź‘Ťđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

Departure and Approach Procedures can be chosen by the ATC on the event.

Thanks @Liftoff :)

People tell me if your coming

Awesome. Please count me in.

@_keithjames99 did you guys get my email about becoming a Controller? Also, expect me to be there!

We have it, but applications take up to 48 hours to be processed

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Ok! Just making sure! I look forward to working with you!

Event is in 2 hours

People who are coming, please show up 5 minutes early

can I still come or am I too late?

I was doing something and lost track of time now it won’t let me in. When’s the next event?

How and where do you all paste the link into the Discord app …l keep getting the message that the link has expired…please advise ASAP

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And another observation I have made now is that Discord is a whole different trip than Zello…so if the majority of you are going to choose to use it instead…then somebody needs to write up or make a short but concise video primer on how to use it with IF…IMHO…

Is this event in progress or not…l just checked the activity log and there are only 6 flights in progress in the SoCal region on the free flight server…and we are already 45 minutes into it…where is everybody…

Why was it cancelled?