[Cancelled] IFO Labs 0: Basically... Just an airshow @ EGLF - 072100ZMAY15

@Thomas_Galvin @Lewis_Birdie_Avery :)

Not sure what on earth this all is? See Announcing IFO Labs- an IFOC Project

To start I want to test a few opening ceremony ideas I have. So I am holding an airshow. It will consist of a few sections:

1) Team demonstrations

For each country that wants to do one, they will get a team display slot for them to impress the audiences. There will only be one display per country. Rules:

  1. Keep each display to 3 mins max.
  2. Groups should be prepared to accept new pilots before the deadline. For example if a group of 3 comes to me saying they wanna do the UK display, they must accept any extra members that want to join before the deadline.
  3. Be as creative as you like. There are no rules relating to airshow content, but I suggest you try and do something relevant to your country.

2) Individual demos

If you just wanna do a solo, this is for you. Note 2 pilots per demo max. I may do some audiitions if there are loads of applicants.

3) Group flyout

Time dependent- I will lead everybody out for a shot flight to EGSS.

Interested in doing an individual demo or organizing a team demo? PM me before Tuesday, May 3 (this is the deadline). Expect running orders and further instructions to be posted after that.

We will be at EGLF (Farnborough, London). The airshow will start at 2100Z Prompt. Please be ready before then, especially if you are at the start of the order. This will be on the Free Flight Server.

Hopefully we will see loads of you there :)

One last thing:

Have you got a great idea for an IFO event? We are starting a ‘suggestion box’ for anybody to suggest ideas. Find it here:

Anybody whose event makes IFO Labs will get an exclusive disco-covered medal to show off!

  • Ice

Ill turn up if possible

I am there👍👍👍

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I’ll try to go.

I might come :)

@Narroc_Wim @dush19 are you interested in doing a demo?

Sorry about the timezone Dush (not that you sleep anyway…)

No lol Im not so great with airshows

Nice, looks like a great event

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Sorry guys but I’m calling this off due to lack for participants.

Thanks @Lewis_Birdie_Avery and @Pilot8.

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No worries @IceBlue shame that nobody seems interested it’s a chance to show off some real flying skills