(CANCELLED) Huge San-Diego Flyout! @KSAN - 201600ZJUL19

-San Diego International Flyout



San Diego Intl Airport is A great Airport With Lots of Airlines Serving it.
I haven’t Seen any Recent Flyouts/Ins/any Recent Events Here, So I decided to host one :)

Quick Airport Info:\

San Diego International Airport (IATA: SAN , ICAO: KSAN , FAA LID: SAN ), formerly known as Lindbergh Field , is an international airport 3 mi (4.8 km) northwest of Downtown San Diego, California, United States. It is owned and operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.[5][6] San Diego International Airport covers 663 acres (268 ha) of land.[5]

In 2015, traffic at San Diego International exceeded 20 million passengers, serving more than 500 scheduled operations carrying about 50,000 passengers each day.[3]While primarily serving domestic traffic, San Diego has nonstop international flights to Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.[7]

San Diego is the largest metropolitan area in the United States that is not an airline hub or secondary hub; however, San Diego is a focus city for Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines

Credit: WIkipedia

Event Info

Location If you haven’t guessed it: San Diego International airport (KSAN)

Server: Expert

Time: 2019-07-20T16:00:00Z (1600Z)

Number of Attendance: 0


  1. Spawn in 10-20 Minutes Before Event
  2. Fuel and Fpl AreThe Pilots’ Responsibility
  3. Use Unicom Correctly (if ATC is not available)


Terminal 1
Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Gate
Allegiant A320 KELP 01
Allegiant A320 KBLI 02
Frontier A318 KAUS 03
Frontier A320 KDEN 04
Frontier A320 KCVG 05
Frontier A320 KCLE 06
Frontier A320 KLAS 07
Frontier A320 KRDU 08
Southwest 737-700 KSFO 09
Southwest 737-800 KATL 10
Southwest 737-800 KSEA 11
Sothwest 737-700 KPHX 12
Southwest 737-700 KEWR 13
Southwest 737-700 KSLC 14
Southwest 737-800 KMSY 15
Spirit A321 KORD 16
Spirit A320 KLAS 17
Spirit A321 KIAH 18
Terminal 2
Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Gate
Air Canada Express CrJ-200 CYVR 19
Air Canada A321 CYYZ 20
Alaska 737-900 KSFO 21
Alaska 737-800 KPAE 22
Alaska A320 KBOS 23
Alaska 737-900 KMCO 24
Alaska A320 KSEA 25
Alaska 737-900 PHNL 26
American 757 KJFK 27
American A321 KMIA 28
American 777-200 KORD 29
American 737-800 KPHL 30
American Eagle CrJ-200 KLAX 31
British Airways 747 EGLL 32
Delta A321 KATL 33
Delta 757 KLAX 34
Delta 787-8 KJFK 35
Delta 737-800 KSEA 36
Delta Connection Crj-200 KLAS 37
Delta Connection Crj-200 KLAX 38
Hawaiian 767 PHNL 39
Hawaiian 767 PHOG 40
Japan Airlines 787-9 RJAA 41
Jet Blue A321 KJFK 42
Jet Blue A320 KBOS 43
Lufthansa 747-8 EDDF 44
United KORD 767 45
United KDEN 777-200 46
United KEDW 787-10 47
United KSFO 737-900 48
United Express E170 KLAX 49
United Express Crj-200 KSFO 50
West Jet 737-700 CYYC 51


These Are Real Routes flown by each airline
I am AWARE that there are some other gates, But NO Airline Serves Them, so I have not included them :)

" Lets Fill Up San Diego!"

If You Want To Join, Simply Comment Your Gate And Ill Assign you.

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The featured picture doesn’t show KSAN. You may want to fix this. :)


What do you mean by this? Do you mean that they are not being used currently by other airlines, because they are (such as the Cargo aprons), or do you mean that you are choosing not to include them in your event?

Why are gates 1-8 not being used by Southwest and why is British Airways flying out of gate 32 and not 51, like they usually do?

You may want to fix the post there are some things needed to be fix

Just to let you know there are 2 other San Diego flyout coming up…

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According to wikipedia, tgey are not used (retired gates)

Which gates specifically? Only the commuter terminal (east of Terminal 1) is no longer used.

The Computer terminal and the W Gates

The W gates are used as overflow, so they do not see regular use, but what about Cargo and GA?

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BA currently operates the 77W to KSAN, not the 744.

Your image is also of KSNA (Orange County), not KSAN.


And Lufthansa operates the a340 (The a340-600 is the closest IF has to the a340-300 that they operate) and Detla does not operate a 787-8 to JFK.

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Ok, Give me About A day to correct gate assignments and the other stuff

And the 777 is out of gate 51, not 32.


Delta doesn’t even have 788s.


Sounds good!

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They Have check it

No, they don’t. They have the livery in IF, but they cancelled their orders in favor of the 359 a while back.



That airport in the picture is John Wayne international


Ok, and BtW welcome to the Community!