[Cancelled] Huge Airport EVENT @ VIDP - 230630ZSEP18

Server: Expert

Airport: VIDP

Time: 0630-1430

Welcome everyone to take part in a massive airport event that will feature the capital of India (VIDP) This event will be in air for 8 hours on 23sep18 1630Z to 1430Z there are 168 listed gates and all gates are available for inbound and outbound. please read the gate requirements and ground procedures and all other information published here for submission of request for gate assignment.

You can either fly out or fly in. Routes on your choice. simulate a traffic flow at VIDP.

About the airport
VIDP is situated in north India at a field elevation of 176ft. it is major international hub connceting to most part of the world. It has 3 functioning 150ft wide asphalt runway the longest one over 14000ft long.

Runway Heading Size Purpose
09-27 91* and 271* 9229ft x 150ft asphalt GA, Military
10-28 104* and 284* 12500ft x 150ft asphalt cargo, terminal 2, domestic stands, International ramp
11-29 103* and 283* 14534ft x 150ft asphalt Terminal 3
Terminal runway to use Aircraft Gates nos Liveries Route
Military 09-27 Fighter jets, Ac130 series, c17 globemaster 15 gates any any
Domestic stands 10-28 No larger than a321, 737, private jets, no GA props 68 gates Spicejet, indigo, Air-india, jet airways, private In india only
GA 09-27 only GA props, no fighters 4 gates any any
Cargo 10-28 only trijets, B747, Ac130 series, C17 globemaster 7 gates all cargo livery In india only
International remote ramp 11-29 No larger than a321, 737, private jets, no GA props 12 gates all cargo livery outside india
Terminal 2 10-28 no smaller than a320/737 (no a380, trijets, 747, cargo) 8 gates any livery except cargo. Destination based prefered any
Terminal 3 11-29 no smaller than a320/737, no cargo 54 gates any livery except cargo. Destination based prefered outside india
**Some aircraft not to be used at all 747-sca, 747-sofia, VC-25
  • Follow specified Taxi routes
  • Recommended to check your gate location and taxi route 1 day before the event
  • departing planes. Spawn time 15min before pushback. gates will be kept for extra 5 min for delays
  • Expected taxi in and out time 5min
  • arriving aircraft gates will be kept vacant 20min before and after scheduled arrival to compensate travel time variance
  • arriving aircraft can request same gate for departure again without quitting app if routes permits. Departure will be allowed 10min after you have parked in
  • arriving planes don’t stay in gate after parked for more than 5 min as other planes may have spawn time
  • On ground aircraft on the right has the right of way
  • On ground irrespictive of right/left, aircraft exiting runway has the right of way
  • In case of Head on in ground, aircraft taxing towards runway must give way to aircraft coming from runway
  • arriving planes will be pre-sequenced one day before event. Follow the sequence in case of conflict
  • land/takeoff on the specified runway as per the terminal as per your gate assignment
  • Active runways will be declared 30min before event starts. The flow will be maintained for the rest of the event
  • Please check taxi procedure. In case of any help PM
  • At last be respectful of other pilots and use unicom wisely, if we get ATC that will be great. and most importantly enjoy.
  • Max Taxi speed 20kts
  • For fly-ins recommended to check flight time with sim brief or other fpl generator before requesting gate
    Notams low visibility most of the time around VIDP, Runway 9-27 (approach departure path) is intersecting other runways. although it’ll used by GA and military gates only. those using it please be aware of the situation.
Taxi procedure

From military and GA
Use runway itself and back taxi

use taxi way echo

Cargo, T2, International ramp
Use taxiway papa. no intersection departures

Taxing towards the runway use taxiway yankey
taxing to parking use taxiway zulu
use last intersention to change taxiway

Gates info

Gate no. 1 -Ac130/ C17
Gate no. 2 -fighter
Gate no. 3 -fighter
Gate no. 4 -fighter
Gate no. 5 -fighter
Gate no. 6 -fighter
Gate no. 7 -fighter
Gate no. 8 -fighter
Gate no. 9 -fighter
Gate no. 10 -fighter
Gate no. 11 -Ac130/ C17
Gate no. 12 -fighter
Gate no. 13 -fighter
Gate no. 14 -fighter
Gate no. 15 -fighter


Gate no. 161 -GA prop
Gate no. 175 -GA prop
Gate no. 176 -GA prop
Gate no. 188 -GA prop

Domestic Stands

Gate no. 1 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 2 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 3 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 4 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 5 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 6 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 7 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 8 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 9 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 10 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 11 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 12 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 15 -max a321
Gate no. 16 -max a321
Gate no. 17 -max a321
Gate no. 19 -max a321
Gate no. 20 -max a321
Gate no. 21 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 22 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 23 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 24 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 25 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 26 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 27 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 28 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 29 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 30 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 31 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 32 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 33 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 34 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 35 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 36 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 37 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 38 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 39 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 40B -max a321
Gate no. 120 -max a321
Gate no. 121 -max a321
Gate no. 122 -max a321
Gate no. 123 -max a321
Gate no. 124 -max a321
Gate no. 125 -max a321
Gate no. 126 -max a321
Gate no. 127 -max a321
Gate no. 128 -max a321
Gate no. 129 -max a321
Gate no. 130 -max a321
Gate no. 131 -max a321
Gate no. 132 -max a321
Gate no. 133 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 136 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 137 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 138 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 139 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 140 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 141 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 142 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 143 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 144 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 145 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 146 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 147 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 148 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 149 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 150 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 151 -Max a320/B737
Gate no. 152 -Max a320/B737


Gate no. 98 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 100 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 101 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 103 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 104 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 105 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 106 -Max 747-8

International remote ramp

Gate no. 81 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 81 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 83 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 84 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 85 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 86 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 87 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 88 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 89 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 90 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 91 -Max 747-8
Gate no. 92 -Max 747-8

Terminal 2

Gate no. 42 -max a321
Gate no. 43 -max a321
Gate no. 44 -max a321
Gate no. 45 -max a321
Gate no. 46 -max a321
Gate no. 47 -max a321
Gate no. 48 -max a321
Gate no. 49 -max a321

Terminal 3

Gate no. A01 -Max A380
Gate no. A03 -Max A380
Gate no. A07 -Max A380
Gate no. A08 -Max A380
Gate no. A09 -Max A380
Gate no. A10 -Max A380
Gate no. A11 -Max A380
Gate no. A12 -Max A380
Gate no. A13 -Max A380
Gate no. A14 -Max A380
Gate no. B15 -Max A380
Gate no. B17 -Max A380
Gate no. B18 -Max A380
Gate no. B19 -Max A380
Gate no. B20 -Max A380
Gate no. B21 -Max A380
Gate no. B22 -Max A380
Gate no. B24 -Max A380
Gate no. B26 -Max A380
Gate no. C27 -Max A380
Gate no. C28 -Max A380
Gate no. C29 -Max A380
Gate no. C30 -Max A380
Gate no. C31 -Max A380
Gate no. C32 -Max A380
Gate no. C34 -Max A380
Gate no. D37 -Max A380
Gate no. D39 -Max A380
Gate no. D43 -max a321
Gate no. D46 -max a321
Gate no. D47 -max a321
Gate no. D48 -max a321
Gate no. D49 -max a321
Gate no. D50 -max a321
Gate no. D51 -max a321
Gate no. D52 -max a321
Gate no. D53 -max a321
Gate no. D54 -max a321
Gate no. D56 -max a321
Gate no. D57 -max a321
Gate no. D58 -max a321
Gate no. D60 -max a321
Gate no. D62 -max a321
Gate no. E64 -max a321
Gate no. E66 -max a321
Gate no. E68 -max a321
Gate no. E70 -max a321
Gate no. E72 -max a321
Gate no. E74 -max a321
Gate no. E76 -max a321
Gate no. E78 -max a321
Gate no. E80 -max a321
Gate no. E82 -max a321
Gate no. E84 -max a321

Please use the links bellow for any assistant
For suggested routes : Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL/VIDP) routes and destinations | Flightradar24
Airport Charts : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mxxa8Co_To2jX4wY_bCu-ib_xsDmCwFq/view?usp=sharing
Request a gate and time : https://goo.gl/forms/RjXrCgylrhAwYkMg1
Check your request status and gate assignment : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18RQlG-Eaj3kKo0B5W7-ckM2Pvkmr5gl_Na9UER04fFA/edit?usp=sharing
check event bookings status and your allotted slot and gate : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tf_aiOHWIVj181aJ8P1K9wiEhcZRq22x3jQkJ5SZySU/edit?usp=sharing

Please use the link for gate request.
Request a gate and time : https://goo.gl/forms/RjXrCgylrhAwYkMg1

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I’m in,
Aircraft: F22
Callsing: DARDO37
will do airspace patrol and defense

Please check the following post on how to properly set out your title. Thanks


We appreciate your post today,
but please use the event format given.
@ ICAO 000000ZIII18

@= Put @,space and then airport ICAO

First 2 Digits= Day
Next 4 digits= Time in zulu
3 letters=Month (e.g. september is SEP, august is AUG)
Last 2 digits=present year, without 20 at the start (e.g. 2018 is 18)

So, the event title should be:
“Huge Airport EVENT @ VIDP - 270630ZSEP18”

Thank you for taking the attention.
Good day.

P.S. VIDP doesn’t have the longest runway.

thanks for the format. :) please spare time if you can participate. :)

I didnt said longest in world. thr longest out of 3 runway at vidp

No problem

k then

Gate 85 B747 heading to London please

thanks fpr participation. can ypu please specify ypur time at which you will depart gate. amd if ypu can request through this form

https://goo.gl/forms/RjXrCgylrhAwYkMg1 your gate will be booked by itself. :)


I won’t be able to participate as this is on a school day

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ohh ok. :) next event will try to keep on sunday

event has been preponed to 23rd sep. sunday.

Well uhh… Ill see. I’ll sign up for now

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@SpeedPlayz thanks for booking assigned gate Terminal 3 C31. booked from 0630Z to 0710Z. You can check booking here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tf_aiOHWIVj181aJ8P1K9wiEhcZRq22x3jQkJ5SZySU/edit?usp=sharing

Gate 106, B747. Destination VOMM

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@SterlingArcher thanks for participating. gat 106 cargo booked for B747-8 any cargo livery from 1340Z to 1400Z expected gate departure 1400Z. Please check your status here. :)

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You done a great job.I will be there

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@AKSHAY_2777 thanks for your interest. you can request a gate here. :)

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@Luke_M Thanks for partcipating. :) your gate T3 C28 booked from 0740Z to 0820Z.

you can check the booking here. :)

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I am a little confused, is the time from 06:30Z or 16:30Z?

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yes @Aniket_Joglekar. 06:30Z to 14:30 zulu its a time based event. your gate will be booked for specific time as given in details. and its not only flyout. its both fly-in and out completely your choice.