[Cancelled] Houston Hobby LCC Southwest fly out @KHOU 222000ZDEC18

I will take Any WN gate to Denver. See you there!

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It’s fine, you’ll be doing better things, @Luke_Sta your added thank you

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Can I have that gate please!

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Can I get a gate please?

What gate would you like?

You’re added thank you

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Any gate please.

And specific route or route length about how many hours??

Okay, you know what, I’ll get Gate 1…

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@JeromeJ I said gate 1, not gate 20

I fixed it, your welcome

I’ll take Gate 35, Thank You :)

You got it, thanks

Due to some events, I have to cancel coming. Sorry. Please remove me from my gate.

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Thank you for letting me know

There has been a time change. If you can no longer attend please let me know. Thank you

I’ll have to withdraw from this event because I’m attending another event at the same time (this is it)

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Thanks for letting me know

As of know, the event is postponed indefinitely
You can join my other event here