[Cancelled] Houston Hobby LCC Southwest fly out @KHOU 222000ZDEC18

Southwest Airlines fly out event. Support Hobby airport and come show it some love.

Note: This is not sponsored by Southwest Virtual but if they’d like to be a part in it, just let me know.

Flight Info


Airport: William P. Hobby International Airport (KHOU)

Server: Expert

Event NOTAM:

Departure information will be provided in group message near the time of the event. You are encouraged to but not required to fly Southwest. Flying another airline is fine if they fly to KHOU. Real routes only please you can find them here

Terminal Info (airlines and aircraft serving KHOU)

Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
American Eagle N/A Crj-200, 700,& 900
Delta DAL B717
Jetblue JBU E190, A320
Southwest Airlines SWA B737, B738
Main Terminal
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate 20: SWA 737 KABQ
Gate 21: SWA 737 KGSP
Gate 22: SWA 737 KSAT
Gate 23: SWA 738 KATL @SirMarkieMark
Gate 24: SWA 737 KDAL @Kevinsoto1502
Gate 25: SWA 738 KBWI
Gate 26: SWA 738 KDEN
Gate 27: SWA 738 KLAX
Gate 28: American Crj700 KDFW
Gate 29: JetBlue A320 KJFK
Gate 30: American Eagle Crj900 KDFW
Gate 31: SWA 738 KSJC @BigBert10
Gate 32: Delta B717 KATL
Gate 33: SWA 738 KPIT
Gate 34: SWA 738 KMDW
Gate 35: SWA 737 KSLC @Captain_JR
Gate 36: SWA 738 KPHX
Gate 37: SWA 737 KCRP
Gate 38: SWA 738 KSMF
Gate 39: SWA 737 KTPA
Gate 40: SWA 738 KFLL
Gate 41: SWA 738 KMCO
Gate 42: SWA 737 KLGA
Gate 43: SWA 738 KMSY @DiamondGaming4
Gate 44: SWA 737 KOKC
Gate 45: SWA 737 KELP @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 46: SWA 738 KLAS @anon42527263
Gate 47: SWA 738 KOAK (SWVA) @Playr_Mar
Gate 48: SWA 737 KDCA
Gate 49: SWA 737 KLBB
Gate 50: SWA 738 KTUL
Gate 51: SWA 738 KOMA
International Terminal
Gate Airline/Aircraft&Destination
Gate 1 SWA 737 MMMX @BlueAcidball
Gate 2 SWA 737 TNCA
Gate 3 SWA 737 MROC
Gate 4 SWA 738 MMPR
Gate 5 SWA 737 TJSJ
General Aviation
Gate Aircraft & Destination
Apron 1 TBM 930
Apron 2 CitationX
Apron 3 CitationX

Have a nice one and see you there


I’ll try to make this event. I’ll take the SWA Gate to KMSY please!

Also, it’s William P Hobby not B ;)

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Thanks I’ve fixed it. You’re added see you there

Gate to DAL pls

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Added, thank you and see you there

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No problem

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I’m feeling some El Paso today. Sign me up!

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Got it, added

You know me well. I think you know which gate to give me :)

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Got it. You’re added 😂

738 to Vegas Please

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Got it, your added thank you

Great Airport, even better VA.
I’d like to represent for Southwest Virtual (SWVA) Southwest Virtual | Heart Sets Us Apart
May I please have Gate: 47 to KOAK my home airport? Aircraft: B738
Callsign: SWA81
Thank you sir.

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You’re added, thank you

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I would have loved to join as a member of SWV but I have a flight that day at noon so I cannot make it !

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I will take Any WN gate to Denver. See you there!

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It’s fine, you’ll be doing better things, @Luke_Sta your added thank you

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Can I have that gate please!

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Can I get a gate please?

What gate would you like?