[Cancelled]Hawaiian Dream @ PHOG-201600ZJUL19 (ONLY GA GATES LEFT)

Hello Everyone!!

For my third event we are going to the island of Maui in Hawaii for what should be a spectacular event.
There are so many routes to choose from. You choose from inter island flights to flights to the west coast of America. So without further a do this event is held at Kahului Airport!!!


Server: Expert

Airport: PHOG

Time: 1600Z2019-07-20T16:00:00Z

Commercial Gates

1 Alaska 737-800 KSAN: @Sashaz55
3 Alaska 737-800 KSFO: @Captain_Elias
7 Southwest 737-800 KSJC: @GlobalFlyer1
9 Southwest 737-800 KOAK: @Plane-Train-TV
11 Westjet 737-800 CYVR: @ILOVE7879
13 Hawaiian 717 PHLI: @Boris_Huang
15 Southwest 737-800 PHNL: @JeromeJ
17 Hawaiian 717 PHNL: @Suhas_Jatla
19 Hawaiian 717 PHNL: @joshuaabcd
21 Hawaiian 717 PHLI: @Aviation-21
23 American A321 KLAX: @Jack_Q
25 United 777-200 KORD: @langer00am
27 United 757 KSFO: @Altaria55
29 Air Canada 787 CYVR: @Mike_Lima_Tango
31 American 777-200 KDFW : @A350iscool
33 American A321 KPHX: @TheFlyingGuy1
35 Delta 757 KLAX: @Fusion737Max
39 Delta 737-900 KSEA: @DEN_Airport


GA 1 @Plnelovr Citation X KSBA
GA 2
GA 3
GA 4
GA 5
GA6: @baseball_inferno 737-700BBJ KIAD
GA 7 @AirFrance005 737-700BBJ CYYC
GA 8
GA 9
GA 10


NOTAM: Please use Unicom respectfully
please watch out for others


I’ll take the Southwest gate to OAK

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Thanks for coming!!

I’ll take a Southwest gate to San Jose! Thanks and see you there!


Hawaiian 717 to Phli please!

gate 27 please

I’ll take 29 to Vancouver!

@GlobalFlyer1 @Mike_Lima_Tango @langer00am @Aviation-21
I’ve put you all down thanks for coming!!!


I’ll take gate 33.

Alrighty thanks for coming!!

Put me down For Westjet to Vancouver


I’m flying into this airport on June 6th in real life.

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can i switch to 25, sorry for the inconveinience

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I’ll take United 777 to KORD

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Sorry @A350iscool but @langer00am requested this first. Any other gate that you would like?

I’ll take a GA gate in a 737-700BBJ to KIAD

Alrighty I put you down thanks for coming!!!

I’ll take gate 31 then

@DEN_Airport I am not entirely sure if I can come. I thought the event is in June not July. The 20th of July is my brother’s birthday but I hope I can still make it. I’ll let you know if I can’t come.

I’ll take gate 13

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