[Cancelled] Group takeoff @ KSAN - 011600ZJUN16

Airport: KSAN (San Diego)

Server: Free flight

Aircraft: 737-family and A320-Family

NOTAM: We will spawn at KSAN at around 1550Z.
Then we will taxi to RWY 27. When I announce takeoff ( My callsign is TK-1SKE) on Unicom everyone will release the brakes and depart. After that you can fly where ever you want.

Comment below if you are coming. πŸ˜ƒ

THE EVENT HAS BEING CANCELED( Look at the bottom of this thread )


L35 is a general aviation airport. Jets don’t land there.

I’ll take KSAN then.

I should be there in a Frontier A318

I will try to come, but what time is it, on the infinite flight app it says 9:00 on Thursday 5/26 is it AM or PM?

Depends where you live. I suspect that you are American so its AM.

May 16 last week I suggesting you go looking at a date tracker next time

No that’s the year. Check #live:events for guides on time layouts.


26 = Day
1300Z = Time in Zulu/UTC
MAY = Month
16 = Year (2016)

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Its rescheduled to the next monday due to an unscheduled event ( In real life not in IF.). Also it will be at 1600Z.

Did you changed the title?

Not yet. I had to check is it atthe time same with the summer vacation fly-in.

Ok correct i need to retouching my mind to clock

Its canceled due to the end of my subscription, wich I didnt notice while I rescheduled it. Sorry for everyone who was going to come. πŸ˜“