(Cancelled) Group Flight Tomorrow Night ! : Exploring South Florida

Onto the next region. The group flights exploring the Denver region last week were a ton of fun. This week, the group flight will be exploring the SoFlo Region. The aircraft for this flight will be the 737-700 in southwest’s old livery. We will starting at KMIA at any D gate 20-30. This flight will take place on July 30th at 9:30pm MST ( 11:30pm Eastern, 8:30 pm west coast) on the advanced server. Try to arrive 10 minutes beforehand to set up. My call sign is HOP7. Copy my flight plan at parking. It will look something similar to this.

From there follow me to either runway 08R or 08L. After takeoff. Climb to cruising altitude at 30,000ft. Cruise speed will be 280 indicated airspeed but slow down to around 250kts or less when approaching turns. This flight will take us around the coast of Miami Florida. The approach through Tampa Bay into KTPA will be spectacular. We will start descent to runways 01L and 01R at KTPA at around 100nm from destination. During descent do not exceed 235 indicated airspeed. This should help create spacing for landings. I hope to see you guys there! Comment in this post if you plan on attending.

Attention: My phone is having some internet issues so I will not be able to be there.


Why not just put this in the #live:events category?

It’s not in the proper format for an official event

Put it in the proper format then.

I don’t want it to be an “official event”

The land of utter flatness. Its nice seeing activity in SFL.


Any aircraft ?

He said Southwest 737-700 (old liv)

@Chad_Garnett My bad, didn’t see it in the description. Thanks.

Are you gonna be there?

Event is in 8.5 hours

I think I may be able to join

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Wanted to join- and then realised it’s 4:30am UK time 😭

I’m in… Southwest 176

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Hope to see you there!

This should be avery enjoyable flight. The approach is beautiful into KTPA

Whew I love it!! And I’ll try and make it. I might sadly not now because I realized its at 12:30 am for me

arn’t you in colorado?

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It’s at 9:30 mountain time…