(Cancelled) Group Flight @ EIDW 21100zSEP19

Join us on this Group flight as we make a short hop over the Atlantic to New York JFK from Dublin. 🇮🇪✈️☘️

  • Aircraft and Livery: Aer Lingus A330 (Generic)

  • Route: EIDW-KJFK

  • Time of Departure:1000z

  • Server:Expert

  • Parking Terminal 2 in Dublin and Terminal 5 in New York

  • Flight time 6hrs 40 mins

  • Altitude: FL320- FL380

  • FlightPlan: Copy mine @AviatorJackYT once spawned.


  • All pilots must follow the rules of Expert Server
  • I am NOT responsible for any ghosts or violations.
  • Please act Professional at all times during this flight and no doing donuts around the corners.
  • Do not push when there is someone behind you.
  • Do not takeoff until the aircraft ahead is at 3,000ft
  • Please keep 15nm spacing in the air.

Note I will be flying for EIVA so I will be using my VA callsign. ☘️

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Cancelled by OP