[CANCELLED] Granby Airport Fly In @ KGNB - 071500ZJUL18

This event is modeled after a real world event, find the real world event Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the

EAA Granby Airport Fly In.

Nestled in the Middle Park Valley, in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Granby, Colorado, offers some of the most unique flying experiences in the country. Surrounded by the continental divide to the east, Lake Granby to the north, and Berthoud Pass and the James Peak Wilderness to the south, Middle Park offers mountain flying challenges like no other. Come experience it all with us this Saturday as we fly in and fill Granby Airport.

Fly In Info

Server: Expert

Airport: KGNB

Time: 1500Z July 7, 2018 2:00 PM

NOTAM: You may fly in to KGNB from any airport where we will meet at 1500Z, the largest aircraft the airport can handle is the Cessna Citation X. The airport doesn’t have any gates, so please park in the grass south of the runway. Finally, please be respectful to others and please use unicom properly as this is an untowered airport.

Airport Information


Airport Diagram [Source](https://www.codot.gov/programs/aeronautics/colorado-airport-system/general-aviation-airports/ga-airports-e-g/GNB)

Field Elevation: 8203’ MSL

Pattern Altitude: 9000’ MSL

Runway: 9/27 5000x75 Asphalt

Approach Procedure

Due to mountainous terrain and lack of instrument procedures, please follow this diagram for your approach and departure procedures.


List of Attendees

Once you have confirmed you are coming, your name will be added to this list. See you there!

Hope to see everyone there! 👋🏻


Event is tomorrow. Really hope we can get a Iot of people.

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I would love to make it but I’m not to sure this is the best time to place an event. Two reasons, 1. It’s just a day before so people may already have something planned and 2. It clashes with the VA summit departure times.

That being said @GolferRyan it is a very well planned event!
I would have loved to come but it clashes with the VA summit.

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Thanks. I made it so that it follows the same time and date as the real world event. (couldn’t find the link to this year’s event.)

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Ah ok, well coincidence that it clashes! Have an awesome time!

Due to complete lack of interest. This is now cancelled. Good Day

If you would have set the date longer than when you posted this it would’ve probably get more interest

I think the reason of lack of attendance was because if the VA summit.

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Aww shoot I was going to do this I completely forgot.:(