[CANCELLED] Goodbye Monarch Airlines @ LFPG - 071700ZOCT17

Server: Training

Region: Paris

Airport: LFPG

Time: 17:00

NOTAM: Please follow ATC instructions. Do not taxi, pushback or takeoff without clearance. Do not taxi through users. Use the monarch livery

Hello. As you may know Monarch Airlines is ceasing it’s operations. It’s always sad when a great airline stops operating. This event is going to show some love for this great but know forgotten airline

Flight Plan

Cruising Altitude: FL160 (16,000 feet)
Cruising Speed: 235 Knots
Start Decent: LFOP

Parking m06: @United_Airlines Event Leader
Parking m07: @DomaGeeko
Parking m08: @morgan99
Parking m09: @Josh_Mcmunn
Parking m010: @LewisG0801
Parking m011: @jhornsey
Parking m012: @Tellmenoob2
Parking m013: @Firefighter
Parking m014: @Mackenzie_holmes
Parking m015: @william_johnson
Parking m017 @Dylan844r

ATC is full
Ground: @Nils_Gravelsins
Tower: @Joshua_Bayes_Green

I hope to see many of you there. Please remember to use the Monarch Airlines livery.

ATTENTION. This event has now been cancelled due to the bad turnout. Sorry for any inconvenience


I’ll come! Could I have a gate?

Actually I have something planned! So sorry. 😬😐

If you need I’ll have a gate and fly with you all

I can ATC ground and tower. I can split ground with someone else if they want to atc too but if no one else is available I can control both frequencies

If we had a Monarch A321 that would have best :(

2200Z might be a bit late for people in the UK especially as it was a British Airline you might want to bring the time forward a little

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Would but ill be in bed :(

Guys the event has been postponed till 17:00 Saturday sorry for the inconvenience

Yes you may have gate m07

I’ll join your event, monarch 757

Ok gate m08 is yours

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M09?? Please I presume this is all in ZB B757?

Yes it is. You can have m09

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Gate please. Would be fun to come

If I can make it, I would love to do it. Please put me down for a slot. It would be my first live flight!

@LewisG0801 @jhornsey you both now have gates!

Heyy, can i join? =)

Gate please. It’s so bad☹😯

Question, why is a British Airlines farewell being hosted in France?

Gatwick, Luton and Birmingham are their actual operating hubs - this event should 100% be flying between those seems they’re available pre global!!

The other hubs of Leeds/Bradford & Manchester are obviously not available.