(Cancelled) [Global] Fly from Manchester, NH to London, UK @ KMHT - 162030ZOCT17

Server: Casual Server

Region: Manchester, NH

Airport: KMHT

Time: 2030Z


NOTAM: You may spawn in a British Airways Boeing 757, as I am currently utilizing Gate 4 in a Boeing 767-300. Please use the Proper Gates, all are welcome!

Welcome! I will be Departing from Manchester, NH at 4:30PM EST, if you would like to join, please let me know!

Compatible Gates:
Gate 1

Gate 2

Gate 3
(@Ironman_Ballets )

Gate 4 (Compatible with Boeing 767-300)

Gate 5

Gate 8


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I would join if it was on casual

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I Guess I can change servers since there is still time

@Daniel14 Changed it

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Can I join? what gate?

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Sure, any gate, as long as it’s a Boeing 757 or smaller that can do Trans-Atlantic crossings

Airbus330 ok to use?

If you were to use an Airbus A330, you’d have to spawn at a different location within the airport, Trying to have a realistic experience as possible

Thank you! I will take a gate! If I don’t show up something happened. Preferably a gate compatible with a 767

OH how then I guess I will fly 757 thats fine

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As far as fuel goes how much will I need?

Well, the only gate Compatible with a B767 is Gate 4, and I’m currently utilizing the gate right now. A 757 can still do Trans Atlantic flight

You have Gate 2

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15 minutes until beginning… I think unless I converted the time wrong…

The Flight will last around 6 hours if all goes well, have at least 8 hours of fuel on board

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Ok that is fine! I will show up in the 757.

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@Daniel_Cerritos big issue in the family and I mean a big one won’t be able to attend, sorry. I hope to attend another one of your events.

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That’s alright, thanks for letting me know

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heyy when are you guys taking off?

Copyed ur fpl redy to go at gate

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4:30pm Eastern Time, you can use a time converter to see what the time is in your location

330 ish central time

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