[Cancelled] Fun Flyout at KDCA! @KDCA - 161600ZMAR19

I will take a gate to Chicago O’Hare with the American 738 in the old livery! Thanks :)

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I will catch a connecting flight in KORD to KSJC :)

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Stand 22 (B22)
Delta A319
KMSP (Minneapolis)
Connecting in a 717-200 to KBIL

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Attention pilots!
Sign up requests after now will be ignored until tomorrow at 1230Z. You may still request a gate, I just can’t respond to it for a while. Thank you!

I will now be accepting sign ups again!

@Niccckk I looked on FlightAware and couldn’t find any KDCA-KRIC flights.

I switched you to a charter gate. I assume the routes shown by the route analyzer were charter flights or GA flights.

I’ll take B15 to KORD
United A320

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Attention pilots! Due to @Joseph007’s KORD flyout being very busy, I have moved this event to March 9th. The time will stay the same.


Ok. Is it fine if I put you in a CRJ in the A terminal? Only Air Canada Express flies to DCA.

Actually, I’ll change my route.

KDCA - KATL with a Southwest 737-700 at Gate A7

sorry for changing my route again

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It’s fine. I’m changing your gate.

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Since the event date is changed
Can I have A6 to KFLL instead
Southwest 738

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A9 is a charter gate. Your destination is listed under terminal a destinations. May I put you in a different gate?

I mean A6.

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Can I take b12 united 560 (KDCA-KDEN)

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What aircraft?

Gate B/C 24
JetBlue E190
To Windsor Locks (I know it’s not on the list but I found it on FR24)

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Gate: A3

Airline/Aircraft: Southwest 737

Destination: KBNA

Confirmed attendance

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You’re signed up! Sorry that I can’t edit the post right now :(

I PMed the mods to edit this

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