[Cancelled] Fun Flyout at KDCA! @KDCA - 161600ZMAR19

Hello and welcome to my first ever event! You requested that I do a KDCA Flyout, so here it is!
I have participated in a few events before and have always wanted to make one. All the events I attended were really fun. Now that I’m TL2, I can create an event!

Pilots from Southwest Virtual will be joining us! SWV pilots who attend will receive 1.5x flight time! See you there!
Here are the polls:

Basic info

Server: Expert
Date and time: 2019-03-09T16:00:00Z2019-03-09T16:00:00Z
Click here for time conversions
Type: Fly out/fill the airport
Aircraft: No larger than an A321 or 757 (Airlines will be assigned to certain terminals)
Airport: KDCA
NOTAMS will be posted a day before the event

Airport info:

Terminal map: https://goo.gl/images/7Q8FaP (commuter and GA gates not shown)

Charter Gates

I am introducing charter gates! You may fly to anywhere in the US from these gates, as long as you fly an airline that departs from your desired terminal. If your desired destination is under the destinations for your terminal, please use a regular gate if they are available.


Terminal A

No aircraft larger than an A321/B757

Airlines, Destinations, and Gates

Air Canada Express (Destinations: Montréal–Trudeau, Ottawa, Toronto–Pearson)
Southwest (Destinations: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago–Midway, Columbus–Glenn, Dallas–Love, Fort Lauderdale, Houston–Hobby, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orlando, Providence, St. Louis, Tampa)
Frontier (Destinations: Denver)
A1: @darkeyes to KMSY (Southwest 737-800)
A2 (charter):
A4: @Luke_Sta to KMCI (Southwest 737)
A5: @CaptJackson to KMKE (Southwest 737-800)
A6: @AviationJack to KFLL (Southwest 737-800)
A7: @His_Majestys_Pilot to CYOW (Air Canada CRJ-900)
A8: @JeromeJ to KMSY (Southwest 737-800)
A9 (charter):

Terminal B

No aircraft larger than an A321/757

Airlines, destinations, and gates

Alaska (Destinations: Los Angeles, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma)
Delta (Destinations: Atlanta, Cincinnati,[62] Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York–LaGuardia, Salt Lake City)
United (Destinations: Chicago–O’Hare, Denver, Houston–Intercontinental, Newark, San Francisco)
B10: @esant_15 to KORD (United 737-800)
B11 (charter):
B12: @Air3 to KDEN (United)
B13: @travelingcornstalk to KMSP (Deta 737-900)
B14: @Altaria55 to KORD (United 737-900)
B15: @Niccckk to KORD (United A320)
B21 (charter):
B22: @baseball_inferno to KMSP (Delta A319)

Terminal B/C

No aircraft larger than an A321 or 757

Airlines, Gates, and Destinations

American (Destinations: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York–JFK, New York–LaGuardia, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Tampa)
JetBlue (Destinations: Boston, Charleston (SC), Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Hartford, Jacksonville (FL), Nassau, Orlando, San Juan, Tampa, West Palm Beach)
B/C 23 (charter):
B/C 24:
B/C 25:
B/C 26:
B/C 27:
B/C 28:
B/C 29:
B/C 30:
B/C 31:
B/C 32:
B/C 33:
B/C 34 (charter):

Terminal C

No aircraft larger than an A321 or 757

Airlines, Gates, and Destinations

American (Destinations: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York–JFK, New York–LaGuardia, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Tampa)
C36: @GlobalFlyer1 to KORD (American 737-800)
C37 (charter):
C39: @BadPlane to KDFW (American 737-800)
C45 (charter):

Commuter terminal

No aircraft larger than a CRJ-700 are allowed here
I couldn’t find much info about the commuter gates, so I had to put regional airlines down

Airlines, Gates, and Destinations

American Eagle (Destinations: Akron/Canton, Albany, Atlanta, Bangor, Birmingham (AL), Buffalo, Burlington (VT), Charleston (SC), Charleston (WV), Charlotte, Chattanooga, Chicago–O’Hare, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbia (SC), Columbus–Glenn, Dayton, Detroit, Des Moines, Fayetteville/Bentonville, Grand Rapids, Greensboro, Greenville/Spartanburg, Hartford, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Jackson (MS), Jacksonville (FL), Kansas City, Key West, Knoxville, Lansing, Little Rock, Louisville, Manchester (NH), Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Montgomery, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, New York–JFK, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Pensacola, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland (ME), Providence, Raleigh/Durham, Rochester (NY), Sarasota, Savannah, St. Louis, Syracuse, Tallahassee, Toronto–Pearson, West Palm Beach, White Plains, Wilmington)
Delta Connection (Destinations: Boston,[64] Lexington, Madison, New York–JFK, Omaha, Raleigh/Durham)
United Express (Destinations: Chicago–O’Hare, Cleveland, Houston–Intercontinental, Newark)
35B (charter):
35C: @Kate_Russell to KBDL (American Eagle CRJ-200)
35D: @JuniorAviator to KTYS (American Eagle CRJ-200)
35E: @Matthew_20204 to KLIT (American Eagle CRJ-900)
35O (charter):


Destinations must be within the US. Aside from that, unlimited destinations! Aircraft must be no larger than a Citation X.
GA hangar 1:
GA hangar 2:
GA hangar 3:
GA hangar 4:
GA hangar 5:
GA hangar 6:
GA hangar 7:

Spectator gates

These gates are only to be used by those who don’t sign up for the event, or non-IFC people. Please don’t sign up for these gates. There will be no way to communicate with him these people, so don’t be surprised if they interfere with the event. I will ask for ATC or a moderator to be there during the event to ghost those who disrespect the rules. They are as follows:
Stand 1
Stand 2
Stand 3
Stand 4
Stand 5
Stand 101
Stand 102
Stand 103
Stand 106
Stand 107

When requesting a gate, please use this format:
Aircraft and airline
Standby or not

Didn’t find your desired destination?
That’s fine, as long as your desired route is an IRL flight that departs from your desired gate you may fly that route. Check Flight Finder - FlightAware and Flightradar24 database - Advanced search - Flightradar24 for flights. Still didn’t find it? Take a GA or a charter gate (see above).


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Wikipedia for the routes and info
@PlaneCrazy and @BigBert10 for helping me and allowing me to put elements of their formats here
@AviationJack for helping me pick a day without other events
@HiFlyer and Wikipedia for the airport info

Lastly, have fun!


Love to attend but I got my own event that day


That’s fine. Your event is at 1930Z so I think you should still be able to attend :)

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I’ll try to make it, so I will take an American gate to Chicago with the callsign AAV100

Got to make it to Chicago for @Joseph007’s event 😂

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Thanks! What aircraft?

A319 please

I will be representing @AmericanVirtual in this event! 😃


I’ll also come!
I’ll be in a Southwest Heart 737-800 going to KBOS

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Thanks for coming! However, last time I checked, Southwest doesn’t fly KDCA-KBOS. Would you like to go to KPVD?

May I take gate C36 from KDCA to KRIC with a CRJ-700?

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What livery? There are no flights to KRIC from KDCA. Where else do you want to go?
P.S I put you in the commuter terminal because those are the only gates for CRJ’s.

Oh my bad, I’ll go to New Orleans instead, KMSY. Any gate is fine

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Thank you!

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Ok thanks! As long as it is a real world flight then you’re good. What livery?

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Could I switch my aircraft from an A319 to a B738


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Remember to follow the format for requesting gates:

Sure, I will switch it.

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You know DCA is my home airport, I have to participate

Gate: A8
Southwest Heart
New Orleans (KMSY)


Of course you choose southwest. ;)


I’ll take any United gate with the 737-8 to KORD. Callsign UVAL026.

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