(Cancelled) Fun Down Under | An AUNZFC Event Series | Leg 1 | @ YMML | 162300ZNOV19

Welcome to Fun Down Under!

As part of our launch, we decided to host an event series, covering Australia & New Zealand in 1 tour. This event series has 21 legs, with aircraft from the tiny SR22, to the C-130 and beyond. Are you ready to embark on this massive adventure?

Event Legs
Leg Number Departure Airport Arrival Airport Aircraft Remarks
1 YMML (Melbourne) YMLT (Lauceston) 737 BBJ, A318 ACJ None
2 YMLT (Launceston) YCBG (Cambridge) Cirrus SR22 Scenic Flight
3 YCBG (Cambridge) YMES (East Sale) TBM 930 None
4 YMES (East Sale) YWLM (Newcastle) C-130H, C-130J None
5 YWLM (Newcastle) YBBN (Brisbane) 737 BBJ, A318 ACJ None
6 YBBN (Brisbane) YBMA (Mount Isa) Cessna Citation X None
7 YMBA (Mount Isa) YBCS (Cairns) Cessna Citation X) None
8 YBCS (Cairns) NZAA (Auckland) A318 ACJ None
9 NZAA (Auckland) NZPN (Picton) TBM 930 None
10 NZPN (Picton) NZWN (Wellington) C208 None
11 NZWN (Wellington) NZMC (Mount Cook) Cirrus SR22 None
12 NZMC (Mount Cook) NZQN (Queenstown) Cessna 172 None
13 NZQN (Queenstown) YPPH (Perth) 737-700 BBJ Longest Flight of the Series!
14 YPPH (Perth) YBRM (Broome) A318 ACJ None
15 YBRM (Broome) YPDN (Darwin) Cessna Citation X None
16 YPDN (Darwin) YPTN (Tindal) C-130H, C-130J None
17 YPTN (Tindal) YAYE (Uluru) TBM 930 None
18 YAYE (Uluru) YPAD (Adelaide) 737 BBJ, A318ACJ None
19 YPAD (Adelaide) YMIA (Mildura) Cirrus SR22 None
20 YMIA (Mildura) YTYA (Tyabb) Cessna C172 None
21 YTYA (Tyabb) YMML (Melbourne) TBM 930 Final Leg!


About The Airports

Departure Airport: Melbourne Tullamarine (YMML)

Melbourne Airport (IATA: MEL, ICAO: YMML), colloquially known as Tullamarine Airport, is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia. It opened in 1970 to replace the nearby Essendon Airport. Melbourne Airport is the main international airport of the four airports serving the Melbourne metropolitan area, the other international airport being Avalon Airport.

The airport comprises four terminals: one international terminal, two domestic terminals and one budget domestic terminal. It is 23 kilometres (14 miles) northwest of the city centre, adjacent to the suburb of Tullamarine. The airport has its own suburb and postcode (Melbourne Airport, Victoria, 3045).

Arrival Airport: Launceston (YMLT)

Launceston Airport (IATA: LST, ICAO: YMLT) is a regional airport on the outskirts of Launceston, Tasmania. The airport is located in the rural area of Western Junction 15 km (9.3 mi) from Launceston city centre. It is Tasmania’s fastest growing airport, and the second busiest in the state, after Hobart International Airport; it can also run as a curfew free airport. In the 2007/2008 financial year, the airport had a record 1.1 million passengers, up 10% on the previous year; 255,000 passengers passed through the airport in the three months to 30 September, up 7% on the previous year. 309,000 passengers passed through in January – March 2008, the highest ever number in a calendar quarter, up 11% on the previous year. It is currently Australia’s 13th busiest airport, handling 1,126,572 passengers in the 2008–09 financial and 1,124,000 passengers in the 2009–10 financial year. The total number of passenger movements through Launceston Airport is projected to increase annually by 2.7 per cent during the forecast period to 2,000,000 in 2030–31. The expected growth rate reflects slower forecast longer term economic growth in Australia, the maturation of the impact of low-cost carriers on passenger movement growth and an expected increase in domestic airfares.

Credit: Wikipedia

Server: Expert

Date & Time: 2019-11-16T23:00:00Z

Airport: YMML (Melbourne Tullamarine)

Aircraft: Qantaslink Q400 | Jetstar A320 | Virgin Australia 737-800

For this event to run smoothly, we ask all participants to:

~ Maintain at least 10NM of separation at all times

~ Allow all Qantaslink aircraft to depart before anybody else is able to pushback. This is due to the speed of the Q400 compared to the A320 and 737-800.

~ Immediately despawn after you’ve landed in Launceston, and have shut down your engines. This is to make room for other inbound aircraft, as there are only 6 gates in Launceston.

~ Most of all, have fun!

Flight Plan


Subject to Change


Departure Runway: 27 | Arrival Runway: 32L

Subject to Change

Fuel Amount

Q400: 3000 KGS | A320: 6696 KGS | 737-800: 6999 KGS

Flight Time



Below 10,000 (Departure): Q400: 200 Knots | A320, 737-800: 230 Knots

Above 10,000: Q400: 250 Knots | A320, 737-800: 290 Knots

Below 10,000 (Arrival): Q400: 240 Knots (adjust as necessary when approaching downwind) | A320, 737-800: 240 Knots (adjust as necessary when approaching downwind)

B Gates

Gate Aircraft Pilot AUNZFC Pilot?
B25 Qantaslink Q400 @Kacey Yes
B26 Qantaslink Q400 @Luke_L Yes
B27 Qantaslink Q400 @Airbus_737 Yes
B28 Qantaslink Q400 @TimR No
B29 Qantaslink Q400
B30 Qantaslink Q400

More gates will be added if needed

E Gates

Gate Aircraft Pilot AUNZFC Pilot?
E01 Virgin Australia 737-800 @KaiM Yes
E02 Virgin Australia 737-800 @Thunderbolt No
E03 Virgin Australia 737-800 @anon41771314 Yes
E04 Virgin Australia 737-800
E05 Virgin Australia 737-800
E06 Virgin Australia 737-800
E07 Virgin Australia 737-800
E08 Virgin Australia 737-800
E10 Virgin Australia 737-800

G Gates

Gate Aircraft Pilot AUNZFC Pilot?
G41 Jetstar A320 @Ash_Rand Yes
G42 Jetstar A320 @QFA_12 No
G43 Jetstar A320
G44 Jetstar A320
G45 Jetstar A320
G46 Jetstar A320
G47 Jetstar A320
G48 Jetstar A320
G49 Jetstar A320
G50 Jetstar A320
G51 Jetstar A320
G52 Jetstar A320

Those that wish to participate in this event, however are unsure that they will make it, are more than welcome to be placed onto the standby list, until they know if they will be able to make it.

Pilot Aircraft AUNZFC Pilot?

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Sign me up! B26 QantasLink Q400!

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Sure thing @Luke_L! You’ve got the gate you requested, B26. See you there!


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I’ll take G41 in the JQ 320 please!

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You’ve got it @Ash_Rand! You’ve got the gate you requested, G41. See you there!


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I will come, I’ll fly the Virgin B737.

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No worries @Thunderbolt! You’ve got E02. See you there!


tbh I thought this said Fire down under not Fun down under.


haha, brilliant name ;) I’ll take an E Gate.


Sure @anon41771314! You’ve got E03. See you there!



Could I please grab a B gate?

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Absolutely @TimR! You’ve got B28. See you there!


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Gate G42 please


Sure @QFA_12! You’ve got the gate you requested, G42. See you there!


10 Days to go!

The event PM has been sent out to all participants. If you are participating in this event, make sure to check your inboxes.



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