[CANCELLED] From Antigua To The World! @ TAPA - 041900ZAUG19

From Antigua To The World! - August 04 2019

Server: Expert
Time: 2019-08-04T19:00:00Z
Airport: V.C. Bird International Airport (TAPA)
Aircrafts: 737-800, Dash 8 Q400, 777-300ER , 787-9



Join me in the wonderful event to bring light to the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean! As we embark on this journey, you’ll get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery as you depart and fly over Maiden Island! Antigua is known as the Land of 365 Beaches, one beach for every day of the year and many tourists try to visit as many as they can during the duration of their stay.

Please note that some of these routes may have been adjusted due to airline availability or personal interest in past/present seasonal routes.

Gate Assigments

Gate Assignments!

Routes Airline Aircraft Gate Owner
Miami (KMIA) American Airlines 737-800 1
New York (KJFK) Delta Airlines 737-800 2
Newark (KEWR) United Airlines 737-800 3
Toronto (CYYZ) Westjet 737-800 4
Kingston (MKJP) Caribbean Airlines 737-800 5
Montego Bay (MKJS) Caribbean Airlines 737-800 6
Bridgetown (TBPB) Caribbean Airlines 737-800 7 @Franna
Port Of Spain (TTPP) Caribbean Airlines 737-800 8
San Juan (TJSJ) LIAT (Generic) Q400 9
Saint Lucia (TLPL) LIAT (Generic) Q400 10
London Gatwick (EGKK) British Airways 777-300ER 11 @Maxime_Jarjoura
London Gatwick (EGKK) Virgin Atlantic 787-9 12
Manchester (EGCC) Virgin Atlantic 787-9 13 @AirFrance005
GA Apron Assignments
Route Aircraft Apron Owner
St. Thomas (TIST) TBM 930 1 @Dylan_M
St. Kitts (TKPK) TBM 930 2 @Infinite_Qantas
Any Any 3
Any Any 4
Any Any 5
Additional Apron Assignments

Will be added when need be.

Airport Map




  • Please spawn into the airport at least 10 minutes prior to the departure time to file your flight plans!
  • Please maintain proper spacing on the ground and proper airmanship while in the air with respect to other aircrafts!
  • Use Unicom responsibly in the case of the absence of ATC!

ATC Assignments


Flight Planning:

You may create your own flight plans or use FPLtoIF.com !
FPLtoIF.com - Convert and copy your Simbrief/Flight Aware plans to Infinite Flight


I’ll take a GA ramp to TIST flying a TBM-930 :)

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You have been added. Thank you for signing up!

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@anon7075715 Maybe you’ll have some interest in this event :)

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While this event does look appealing and the level of detail you put in here is significantly admirable, I can’t attend this one. I wish I could but I’ll be at camp during this time, unfortunately. Thanks for the mention, however.

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No worries! Thank you for reading the event though! :)

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Can’t wait for this from a fellow Antiguan #268 💪🏽

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Nice to hear that, I’m from Grenada. What gate would you like?

Gate to london gatwick please

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Sure! I’ll add you on the list right now.

I’ll take a gate next to Dylan
To TKPK with a Cirrus SR22
Callsign: Infinite Qantas SAVA

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You have been added! Thank you for signing up!

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Thank you, see you there

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Anyone else interested?

I unfortunately can’t come however I wanted to point out that you can’t request ATC as this event is on Expert and IFATC doesn’t take requests.

Any other participants interested in the event?

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I will take gate 7 with Caribbean Airlines

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Okay, no problem!

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Okay thanks

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Thank you for signing up!