(Cancelled) Flyout - TL2 Celebration @ KBOS - 212030ZNOV18


What are Juliet hold pads and what are they used for?


I haven’t a clue


These are used as de-ice pads during the winter or, as they’re called, hold pads during the warmer months. If an aircraft needs to hold on the ground for a few moments, this is where it will go to not impede with other traffic. It’s called “Juliet” because it is adjacent to that taxiway. :)

(I edited KBOS, I live near it, and I know how it operates).


How to register?


I might take ATC ground (when is it?)


1130Z. That is GMT or London time. There are plenty of websites you can use to convert GMT to your local time.o


Just comment here.


3:30PMEST. You have ground now.


No London is the same as GMT now that Daylight Savings Time has ended!


And London/GMT is same as Zulu.


What day? Is the event


November 22nd


Ok I cannot


i bumped the flight date to 1 day before


Could you set one of the things that converts the time to your timezone? I am not good with conversions.


8:30:00 PM
There you go


Oh. Well. I missed it.


It’s not actually today, I just set the time, without worrying about the date


Now the date is in there


I will take a spot! KBOS is home airport as well, though I work at KPVD now.

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