(Cancelled) Flyout - TL2 Celebration @ KBOS - 212030ZNOV18

Now the date is in there

I will take a spot! KBOS is home airport as well, though I work at KPVD now.

South Cargo 09
FedEx 6

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Ok. Thanks.

The spot is yours!

Did you move this event to the 22nd or is it still the 21st?

yes, i did.

Alright, I’m out then. Happy flying!

Is the 21st,or 18th? In title it says 18 then immediately says 21st in first line

I will try I live near bostson

It is the 21st, the 18 in title stands for 2018, and at the front of the title it says 21.

This is how it goes;

  • Date, Zulu Time, Month, Year.

Maybe this will help

Oh sorry. I forgot.

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So I might or might not be able to go. I’m doing a flight to a small airport with minimal parking. I’ll be back on my flight around d the us. Yall can find my tracking thread for when I’m flying.

I flew into kbos tonight… it was 2:20cdt when I landed and it took 5 hours and 54 minutes. I was in a cessna 172. Coming from kscx in west Tennessee. It was fun.

I might be in a blind rommorow de hunting so I might not make it.(afternoon)

Remember. Its today guys

@pilot0674 since noone else is at ga I’ll move to 34 sin. eits closer to the runways.

I opened anyway if you guys want to join.