{CANCELLED} Flying the worlds hardest approach @ SBGL - 242100ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Rio

Airport: SBGL

Time: 2100Z on February 24

NOTAM: We will be flying to SJTQ which is just north of rio, I will be doing approach control, since it is easier to vector aircraft, when I clear you to approach you will not be on the ILS this is intentional, and altitude will always be at your discretion (stay as low as possible) The approach is down a valley to the airport, I will be trying to insure that all aircraft are clear of the approach until the previous aircraft has landed. pleas stay on approach and listen for the next aircraft to come down until handed to tower, who will clear you to land, but PERMIT NO TAKEOFFS, you may either park to the side of the runway, or despawn, due to the one way acces of the airport no takeoffs will be permitted. It is essential that we all follow ATC institutions, as there will be a lot of go arounds, and there will be even more if you do not follow instructions. There will be 20 pilots allowed so as to keep this under control as there is little maneuvering room, I will have sight ups for some ATC posts. Anything larger than the Cessna 208 will be barred from landing.

Rio tower:
SJTQ tower:

Pilot 1:
Pilot 2:
Pilot 3:
Pilot 4:
Pilot 5:
Pilot 6:
Pilot 7:
Pilot 8:
Pilot 9:
Pilot 10:
Pilot 11:
Pilot 12:
Pilot 13:
Pilot 14:
Pilot 15:
Pilot 16:
Pilot 17:
Pilot 18:
Pilot 19:
Pilot 20:

Here are some pics of the airport

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There was a template that I filled in what do you mean?

I would also suggest putting this in casual due to since it’s such a “difficult approach” that people may crash

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You must put the proper title as well

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The title isn’t done


Sounds fun, what plane should I have? I may or may not join so put me on standby

Can I be a f22?it’s my 2nd favorite fighter

No only GA aircraft, the F22 has too long of a stopping distance, amd cant make the approach

I love the terrain 😂

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Read all the way, I addresses this at the end of the paragraph

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