[CANCELLED] Flyin' Very High Event Series | #1 | New York and Salt Lake City | @ KLGA - 171400ZAUG18


Gate 07 is now yours. Enjoy the event!

Yeeeah if you’re trying to get pilots from the United States maybe an event at 3am pacific time may not work very well lol, I can’t make it. Good luck!

Gate 03
Aircraft: American airlines A321
Callsign: N3833MB

What’s the time for me? i life in Europe

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What timezone are you in? If you are in CEST: it will be at 12:00 AM. If BST, it will be 11:00 AM.

When did i say only pilots from united states?

Gate 09, 737-800, American 1305

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Gate 10, 737-800, American 8 8 8

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what time is this at for me? Montreal, Canada

That’s 5 AM in the morning

oh come on that can’t be true

Hi there,

Just a reminder: LaGuardia Airport is just allowed to handle departures and arrivals within a range of 1500 miles as The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said. With that being said, The distance between KLGA and KSLC goes way over that rule. I’ll recommend to use either the KJFK or KEWR for this route.

However, it all depends on how realistic you want to be



We have received a complaint from a participant.

Would you want the time to be later or not?

  • 14:00 zulu time (9:00 AM East America)
  • 10:00 zulu time (5:00 AM East America)

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Never said only, but to exclude that demographic is cutting out lots of potential event partakers

Hello! The Event has been rescheduled to 1400Z due to the amount of votes in the poll. Thanks for the attention!

Sorry, can’t make it. I’m not waking up at 6AM tomorrow.

This was rescheduled to 1400Z, which will be 9 AM Eastern American Time

I’m in San Diego :)

Oh yeah, forgot. Sorry that you cant make it.

gate 42
callsign Swiss 2005

Umm gate 42 isn’t included in this event…