(CANCELLED) FlyBe Virtual - Over The Alps @ LOWW - 102230ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Europe
Airport: LOWW (Vienna)

Time: 2230Z

NOTAM: Please remember to fly the Dash 8 Q400 and be sure to use your FlyBe Virtual call-sign if you are a pilot with us.

Flight Plan:

(Flight Plan will be able to be copied from me when we spawn in)

Gate Assignments

Gate F04 - @Declan_Lyall_O_Regan
Gate F08 - @Jed_Smith
Gate F12 -
Gate F16 -
Gate F22 -

More gates available if needed.

Be sure to sign-up now to secure a spot!

Join us as a pilot:https://sites.google.com/view/flybevirtualairlines/apply-here

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Ccol idea, I hope others join. I cannot as I am busy that day😭

Ok, not a problem. Wish you could of joined. Thanks anyway!

Still plenty of time to sign up. Make sure to do so now to secure a gate!

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@Infinite_Flyer Would you be interested in joining us as a pilot, so you don’t miss out on future events.

When is it I’ve just joined the airline. BE017

It is on the 10th of February at 22:30 GMT time. Can you make it?

Yeah I should be able 2

Ok, awesome see you there!

Still time to sign up for anyone thinking about it!

Ohh what time (est) is this?

It’s at 5:30pm EST. Hope to see you there! @Will

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Ooh will be tough but I’ll try :)

Ok, I will assign you a gate. See you there :)

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how long will the flight take?

Around 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours. Depending on Winds

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oh wait I don’t know if I can make It since I have music class at 5:30… have fun though!
do you need ATC at your arrival airport?

Ok, that is a shame, thanks anyway!

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I maybe able to be atc later :)

Do you need atc at your arrival airport?